*sniff* no more Ruby chats

Yes, the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood sponsored Winter Writing Festival has ended once again. 50 days of camaraderie, furious sprints and some fantastic chit chat, it is time again to say au revoir to the WWF.


First, I want to say thank you to Addison Fox, Kim Law, Autumn Jordon and Tamara Hogan for keeping the sprints lively, running smoothly and tons of inspirational fun. I was usually in the later sprints because, you know, dang day job. The sprints I did get to were so much fun. I’m still amazed at how much gets accomplished during those 20 minutes snippets of time.

I’m in the middle of formatting and last run through edits on When Love Lingers, so I apologize for the short post. I just wanted to give the Rubies a shout out for all they’ve done for the little writing community they’ve helped create. Also, When Love Lingers was born during the sprints in last years festival, so I guess you could say they’re all godmothers to this story 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone. With any luck, next weekend you’ll be reading the next book in the When Love trilogy! 🙂



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