Charlie and Murphy post!

Okay, don’t let mom know we hijacked her blog.

She won’t care, she was saying she didn’t know what to write about anyway.

I know. But we’re also not supposed to be on her computer.

Only because you locked up her keyboard when you walked across it.

I couldn’t help it. She had the thing to close to the edge. It was the only way across the desk.

So, what are we going to talk about? We don’t know these people.

Who cares! You’re such a worry wart.

And you need to be more cautious. Fat mite.

Hey! Only mom and dad can call me that, Smurph.

You’re such a child.

Yeah, well I’d rather be a child than an old grump like you. Even your mew sounds grumpy.

At least I don’t walk around aimlessly meowing at the walls. You’re so weird.

You don’t think that when you want someone to snuggle up to.


Since Murphy is being such a “grown up”, I guess I’ll talk to you all! I’m Charlie and the grump is Murphy. We know mom has posted pictures of us before, but she’s never let us post before. This is so cool!

You’re going to get us in trouble.

Shush. Anyway. The other day we went for a walk. It was really windy and it kind of bothered my ears but there were so many things moving it was really neat!

*sigh* So easily amused.

I saw you chase a leaf, so be quiet. We’ve been able to walk across this narrow bridge, I think mom said we were on the railing?, but this time we couldn’t. I wasn’t happy. Mom said no and made us go back to the house.

Thankfully. Those dogs by the walkway always give me dirty looks.

That’s probably because they want to eat you. Anywaaaaay. We got our after walk treats, which were good. But then she bathed us!! Ugh. I hate when that happens. My fur gets all messed up. They both say how good we smell, but I don’t think it smells good.

I don’t like the water, but I like the way I feel afterward.

You would, weirdo. Oh heck, I hear her coming. Nice talking to you folks, but we better get outta hereajoghfhaio;ur e9oa9u7098phgniovf’a 87r9p3 2qhlopi8h]9-ip

Well, since the boys went to so much effort, I figured I’d let you see into the mind of a scheming Bombay. They really are too smart for their own good.



8 thoughts on “Charlie and Murphy post!

  1. I was expecting more pictures… I guess you don’t let them near a camera. Not a bad idea: one of mine knocked a digital camera off the mantel and onto the floor, and that was the end of that. We’ve since learned how not to enable them to get up there.

    1. LOL. Yeah, don’t let them near a camera! They cause enough trouble walking across my laptop. :/ Dern kittehs. We keep our camera in a very padded bad, just in case. (Mainly as protection from me, but hey!).

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