A Day in the Life #4

Of a writer struggling against the winter blues.

The blues, the doldrums, the bah humbugs, the ‘get out of my face before I rearrange it’, the bury myself under a blanket after eating a pint of ice cream feeling. I think you get the idea. The feeling that usually hits mid winter when there are few days of sunshine, the weather hits its lowest low and you likely haven’t seen your toes in months simply because they’ve been swaddled in thick socks to keep them warm.

I was so looking forward to the beginning of the year. I released my first book, the hectic scramble of the holidays would be behind me and the Winter Writing Festival would start. Well, January is gone and I don’t remember that much of it. I know I went to work, I released a book and here it is almost mid way through February and people are talking about Valentine’s. Where the hell did my year go already?

After a week of feeling like utter emotional crap (sorry hubby for snapping at you), I realized that as I grow older, I go through this cycle every year around this time. It usually starts in December and lasts through January.  I try not to whine about how I feel, but there are days where holding it in causes me to snap and I snap at the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

While writing does help get me out of some of these funks, its also affecting my writing. Some days I stare at the screen and no words come to me. Sure, some words come to me but they have four letters and I can’t put them here. Okay, I could, but I’m not going to.


I don’t want to completely blame it on winter, but I wonder if that sun lamp therapy thing might benefit me. If I get the blahs during the winter in Texas, what would I do where there’s feet upon feet of snow on the ground?

How do you get over the winter blues?


(Hey, give me back my blanket you *$@#&% thief!)



10 thoughts on “A Day in the Life #4

    1. I bet not, Vikki. That’s why I never understood why we make new resolutions in the dead of winter. Seems like the worse time. Good luck on the diet. I’m just trying different things to stay “up” (non-pharmaceutical ways, don’t want to go down that road).

    1. I haven’t tried those specific lights. Plus, I live with a “vampire” who doesn’t like the artificial lights. I may have to look for them anyway, see if they make a difference. Thanks Donna 😀

  1. Hello Melanie! There’s a couple ways I deal with the winter blues. I go on virtual vacations on the internet to a faraway place where my vacation budget could never afford to take me. I try to soak up as much sun as possible by taking a walk if it isn’t too cold outside. If it is too cold, I drink my coffee at the kitchen window with the sunrays beating down on me. I battle depression on a daily basis and I seem to keep it under control by busying my mind as well as my body. This year I look at the winter months as a reprieve from the outside world while I get my @#$% together. 🙂 Hope this helps. And remember Spring is right around the corner.

    1. I like the virtual vacation idea. I’m lucky to have an office with a window, so I make sure to open the blinds while at work. I also like the way you look at it being a reprieve from the outside world. Didn’t think about spring and summer being a time where more people request your time – I always associated that with the end of the year holiday feasts. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m looking forward to getting outside and planting some flowers. Maybe I can actually keep them alive this year!

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