Character Post – Jack McElroy from When Love Waits

Jack has been asking if he could do a post. He’s kind of pushy in a sweet kind of way. “I heard that!”  *giggle* So without further ado, here is Mr. McElroy!

Thanks Melanie! So, how many of you watched the Superbowl on Sunday? Man! I could go on for hours about what they should have done and what I would have done, but hey, it would probably bore you to tears. One thing I have to mention. What happened to the lights? That’ was as odd as it could get and made me wonder if that voodoo priestess was at work. Or did Beyonce’s show suck all the power out of the ‘Dome?

I couldn’t travel to the New Orleans with the team. I’m still hacked off about that, but I won’t go into specifics.  And I had to deal with a very ticked off nephew because I didn’t take him to the Big Show, as he called it. Anyway, that hit Brooks got on Flacco sack in the 3rd quarter? Yeah, that’s what I’d love to do to Emma’s ex. I don’t get why Logan thinks he still has a say in her life. Too bad I can’t do that on the street without getting arrested. Plus it wouldn’t gain me any points with Em. And I need to work on getting points with her as much as I need to help prevent points on the field.

I’m pretty sure some, okay most, of Melanie’s readers are women. What the hell is the purpose of a settee? It’s got a funky back, spindly legs and I feel like I’m going to break the damn thing every time I even look at it! What I want to know from all you fashion savvy women out there is, should I keep the blasted thing? Do you think Emma would want to keep it? I just don’t know. I need to change up the furnishings in my 1900’s home in San Francisco. I like my teammates and all but I’m tired of doing extra laps because they think its funny to put hideous wallpaper in my locker.

I’m sure I’ll get crap from my teammates now for even knowing the name of that piece of furniture. I only do because the real estate agent practically drooled over it. I almost gave it to her instead of her commission.

Jack, aren’t you going to tell my readers something about your relationship with Emma? I’m sure they’re curious about how you two met.

I don’t want to give too much away! Okay, let’s see. We met in college. I had too much fun adjusting to the freedom of being away from home and on my own. San Diego’s a happening little town. My first semester, I let my math class slip. She helped tutor me and get me back on track. We’ve been friends ever since. She’s helped keep me on track when I wanted to give up on football and my studies. I’ve been there for her, when she’d let me. She was fresh off the breakup with Logan and it took a while for her to come out of her shell. Once she did, she was fun to hang out with. There was a group of about 7 of us that used to hang out together. We’d go to the beach or hang out on the strip of land across from Sea World and watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? I’ve heard tell you’re a romantic kind of guy.

Oh, I might. But then they wouldn’t be a secret. And I’m not the kind to kiss and tell. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

I think I just heard a bunch of frustrated sighs out there. We’ll let you get back to your time off. You’ll have to get to mini-camps soon enough. Thanks for taking time to come talk to my readers, Jack. I appreciate it.

Thanks for having me, Melanie! I’ve enjoyed it. I’ll hang around for a while to answer your readers’ questions if they have any.

Oh, I’m sure someone will have a question for you. We encourage you to hang around and talk to Jack for a while. I’ll be here! Hey, can someone bring me some tea? LOL, here’s some. Impatient man. Please, ask him questions so he’ll let me concentrate on the next story.

Leave your comments or questions below and we’ll get to them.

Melanie and Jack

Jack have your interest piqued? You can check out Jack and Emma’s story here. Feel free to purchase a copy !  Oh Jack.  🙂

Amazon – Kindle

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7 thoughts on “Character Post – Jack McElroy from When Love Waits

    1. Hey Donna! Hmm. During the off-season, I spend some time with my family up in Oregon. My nephew, my brother-in-laws and I will go hiking or mountain biking. I like to kayak but I haven’t had a chance to get to any of the rivers in NorCal yet, but I plan to. As far as keeping in shape, I either go to the facility when its open or I use the home gym I built into the garage. Jack, Donna is somewhat of a karate fiend. Maybe she can show you some moves? Ooh! Hand to hand “combat”. Sounds fun! But I’ll have to get permission first. Thanks for the great questions, Donna!

      Thanks Donna! -Melanie

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