Kitteh update

Its been a long time since I posted any pictures or updates about Murphy and Charlie. Murphy turned 2 back in December and Charlie turned 1 back in September. So they’re both about the size they will be. Bombays are considered medium sized cats and should stay between 8 and 12 pounds. Charlie is the chunkier one but he hasn’t gotten heavier than 10.5 lbs. But let me tell you, when that 10 pounds lands on you stomach at a full run…let’s just say its not fun.

The boys still love going on their walks and I need to make sure and take them on the pretty days because once summer hits, we won’t be able to go very often. The heat wilts them and then there are the mosquitoes. None of us want to deal with that mess. As far as Christmas, I only came home to ornaments on the floor the second day the tree was up. After that, no problems. Except they kept untying the tree skirt and bunching it up under the tree. All of the ornaments made it through the month in one piece and so did the few decorations I put up. *Note to self – no more fake flowers at kitteh mouth level*

Other than walks, they’re like typical siblings – even though they’re technically not siblings. They love on each other, they get jealous if one is getting more attention than the other (Charlie more so than Murphy) and they fight. The fur literally flies and I’ve had to either lint roll or wash the comforter after they get done with each other. *shakes head*

Here are a few pics of the heathens, I mean, cats.

No bug, they were trying to figure out who was going where.



Watching a neighbor’s dog go by.


Yay! Mom cleaned off the desk and put our beds back.


Out for a walk on a pretty January day.


This is what happens when I take too long to switch out laundry :/


“You didn’t need this chair to work, did you?” -Murphy



8 thoughts on “Kitteh update

    1. Wanted to try it. It’s worked out so far. So much easier to take them to the vet too. We’re reinforcing the door training now. Making them sit on the steps while the door is open so they either don’t run out or don’t trip those coming in.

  1. Too funny, Mel. Your fur babies are quite the characters. You should include them in a book like Rita Mae Brown. I suspect these guys could enhance a plot.

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