WOW! Time has come to reveal the covers for the trilogy. I had this ready to go last year, but circumstances pushed it into the new year. Which ended up better in the long run. I’m releasing the first book in my Northern California contemporary romance trilogy!  (breathe in, breathe out).

So, here are the covers for the When Love Trilogy! They were designed by Calcote Creations, photographs by yours truly. Here goes!

When Love Waits

When Love Waits
When Love Waits

Truly a labor of love. I started this book two months after my mother passed away in 1994. Took me 14 years to simply complete it and with everything I’ve learned the last few years, I have to admit its a much better story than the initial idea. This is the book that started the fire.

Back Cover –

Emma Alexander has been living in San Diego the past eight years building her career. She’s only been home once during that time. When she rushes home to deal with a family tragedy, she discovers small towns have long memories. Circumstances force her to deal with the reason she stayed away so long. Now she must decide between the life she left behind and the one she’s secretly yearned for.

Jack McElroy has been in love with Emma since they met their freshman year of college. The last four years of living in San Francisco have been torturous for him, being away from her. When her promotion moves her north, fear of ruining their friendship tempers his desire to show her how he truly feels. Will he be able to profess his love for her or will her ex-fiancé beat him to the punch?

When Love Lingers

When Love Lingers
When Love Lingers

The initial story was always there in the back of my mind, but once the first book came together, this one became a totally different animal. And a better story, if you ask me. I started writing this one during last years Winter Writing Festival.

Back Cover –

Cailyn Cameron can usually deal with stress. Until she decides to start a new business. Between working for her best friend and dealing with her grandmother’s failing health, she has to deal with the construction manager on the project, who has been a thorn in her side since she was in pig-tails. After months of walking on eggshells around the man, working closely with him has shown her a side she’s never seen. A side she could easily fall in love with.

There have been two women in Kyle Logan’s life that could really push his buttons. His ex-fiancé and her best friend. One is engaged to another man. The other is his supervisor on the renovation of the Alexander house. When a thief targets several Logan Construction projects, Kyle is forced to deal not only with the hit to his business’ reputation but his growing feelings for the woman aggravating him on a daily basis. Can they both work past their shared history to find love with each other?

When Love Prospers

When Love Propers
When Love Prospers

A happy accident. Written during last years August Camp NaNoWriMo session, it was a more difficult to write because I didn’t really know these characters as well. It was a challenge to write.

Back Cover –

The timing of the job at Larsen Financial is perfect for Helen Randall. Coming off  several failed relationships, she desperately needs not only the boost to her bank account but also to her self-esteem.  Her immediate supervisor leaves for a two week vacation, forcing Helen to work closely with Trevor. When her personal life intrudes on her professional one, Trevor becomes an unexpected ally. It becomes difficult to keep from thinking about her boss in a less than professional manner.

Trevor Mcintosh is good at his job. When the CEO of Larsen Financial offered him the opportunity to start up and run the San Francisco branch office, he jumped at the chance. After six months in the city, he’s getting tired of the constant round of parties, women, and meetings. When he’s forced to work one on one with Helen, he finds that the woman he barely acknowledged in the past poses a serious threat to his sanity. He’s ready to give up his late nights out in exchange for evenings in with one woman. Can he convince her they would be better as a team outside of work too?

Release dates are still tentative, but I hope to have them out at the end of January, March and May.

What do you think?



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