Where do my posts come from?

The first Saturday of the month is our regularly scheduled writers club meetings. One of the girls asked me how I come up with the ideas for my posts as she’d wanting to start her blog back up.


Truthfully, the ideas usually just come to me. There have been very few posts that I’ve thought out in advance. And considering how many typos and unclear sentences the hubby finds, I may need to change my methods up a bit. :/

Anyway, I’ve let the blog be my stream of consciousness writing. I let whatever comes to mind flow to you. Some things resonate with the readers, others seem to only generate the sound of crickets chirping. At first, I really had a problem with that. I started wondering if I needed to be like the other writers out there who have these highly researched, extremely well thought out and writing related posts. Then I thought about the time involved and made the decision to spend that extra bit of time either writing on or researching for whatever novel I’m currently working on. I’ve made peace with the lack of comments. šŸ˜€

Plus, as a yet unpublished writer, I don’t feel quite comfortable offering too much advice to other writers. I’ll offer some, but only once I feel comfortable with the notion/idea/concept myself. Here’s one thing I will offer. Blogging is a personal choice. Some writers consider it a waste of time and energy. Others think its essential to getting your work out there and connecting with others. I won’t lie, it is a time commitment. There have been countless times that I’ve been tempted to chuck the whole thing and concentrate solely on writing novels. Then I feel bad because I’m giving in to my fears or frustrations – whatever prompts the urge to quit.

So here I am, still posting over a year and a half later. That accomplishment itself amazes me. What keeps me going? Good question. LOL. I consider it part of my journey. And I’ve met some fantastic people on this journey. I’m not quite ready to give it up. Plus, where else could I post those awesome pictures of men in kilts? šŸ˜€




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