A day in the life…#3

of a writer frightened to death.

Yep. Frightened. Shaking in my shoes. Afraid to push the submit button. Afraid NOT to push the submit button. You see my quandary? I’ve never really been scared to submit to agents and editors after the first time I did it. But now that I’ve committed to self publishing, I’m scared. I know I’ll end up pushing past that fear because I’m ready to be out there. While I know there’s so much more I can learn, I feel pretty good about where I am now.


I’m still frightened. Will people buy my books? Will they like the stories and the characters I created? Can I survive the bad reviews? Will I be able to work past it and hit that publish button again? And my tax returns? What new things will I have to learn? Okay, that part I have taken care of thanks to and RWA University class that started on the 2nd. In two weeks, that fear will be resolved.

There’s also the fear of self-promotion. I hate sales. I’ve done it, can’t stand it and look for jobs without that requirement. Yeah, good job there Mel, because now I’ve picked a secondary career that requires me, ME, to do all the promotion and announcing and such for these books I’m releasing out into the wild, er, world. My grandmother-in-law (easiest way to describe her) is a country vocalist who has self-promoted most of her life. She still gets gigs at smaller venues and she does it mainly on her own. I don’t know how. (Hi Pat!) I’m in awe and I may have to make a trip to Tennessee and have her teach me how she’s done it for so many years without losing her love of singing. I told her at Christmas that I don’t know how she does it and she laughed. She’s a pretty happy person, but that laugh conveyed so many things. Maybe I read into it, but there’s a lot to the journey.

So I’m back to being scared. Scared I won’t do the right thing. Scared I’ll try to “sell” my book to the wrong group of readers. I keep reading that you have to compare yourself to other authors for people to make a comparison. I can tell you where I think it would fit in traditional publishing, but I have no freaking clue who I would compare myself to because I still don’t feel I’m at their level. And as a (about to be) brand new author, I also don’t want to come across as arrogant either. Sheesh! How do you people do it????? LOL.

Hence my goals list. I think with those self imposed deadlines, I’ll be able to organize how things will work and still leave enough wiggle room in case life decides to impose and those big monkey wrenches at my head.

How do you handle self-promotion without turning away your family and friends? I guess I’m about to find out what works and what doesn’t. *sigh*

Have a great weekend.



12 thoughts on “A day in the life…#3

    1. Not yet. I’ve set a tentative deadline, and with the start of the WWF tomorrow, I should just make it. I know if I don’t do it, you and Raelyn will be there with the virtual pitchforks prodding me forward. 😉

  1. 1) You KNOW I’m cheering you on, will buy anything you put out, etc. Right?
    2) Hop over to Maria Zannini’s blog, she just put together a resource book on self-publishing…all the stuff she learned the hard way, and is giving it away Thursday (not sure if it will always be free or if she’s just doing that as an initial promo).

    SO exciting! Wishing you luck…not that I think I’ll need it having read your stuff 😀

  2. Melanie,
    Something else I didn’t mention,make sure your work is copyrighted. I’m sure you already know that.

  3. Hi Melanie,
    Just an idea you may have already thought of, but if you have enough books printed up, go to
    some book stores and ask if they will let you come in,set up a little table and spend some time
    there trying to sell your books or promoting your self, and letting them try and sell your books.
    Of course, they will want some of the money probably.

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