Time for the Winter Writing Festival!!

Happy Tuesday!!  For those who made resolutions, how are those going for you? It’s been tough getting back into the groove of writing what with the holidays and my inescapable desire to organize, clean, clear away and generally get my house back in order after the clutter of fall and Christmas decorations.

So, to get me back on track, I will once again participate in the Winter Writing Festival put on by the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood. This awesome group of writers is extremely supportive and not to mention a lot of fun! What makes the Winter Writing Festival special? Well, there are no major holidays to contend with and you set your own goals! That’s write. 50 days of goal meeting. Only requirement is to check in with the Rubies once a week. Encouragement is plentiful and more than one rough draft of a novel was completed or edited last year.

First check in is Wednesday, January 9th. I know, I should have gotten this to you sooner. But this will give you the weekend to decide whether or not to participate. I was very tempted to join the first round of ROW80, but I’m trying to avoid over doing it at the beginning of the year like I did last year. I may do it for the second round, but we’ll see what the calendar holds when it gets to that point.

If you’re interested in participating in the Winter Writing Festival, you can check out the full description here. I’m really looking forward to the WWF. Mainly, I’m looking forward to the sprints. I get more done in an hour during those than I seem to most of the rest of the year. The schedule is manageable, the support is unlike any other and…can you tell I’m excited? LOL.

Anyway. Hope you’re meeting your goals, whatever they may be and that you’ll find all the support you need to achieve your goals.


Hope to see you around!! 😀


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