A brand new year.


It’s time to roll over the calendar page yet again. This time to a new year. We survived yet another end of the world saga and now it’s time to make goals. This year, I’m steering far, far away from anything resembling a “resolution”. Those simply seem to fail. I’m setting goals. Some personal, most writing.

DSC09746 DSC09745

I’ve been working on cleaning of the desk, getting all of the year end stuff finalized and out of the way so I get ready. I’ve submitted to agents and editors in the past and while none of them has accepted any of my stories (and I’m actually okay with that) I’m going to go ahead and self publish. Which means 2013 is going to be busy. I plan to publish 4, yes 4 books. They are all finished and three of the covers are finished. Once I get closer to release, I will let everyone know. And you’ll probably get sick of hearing it.

I will say that this last year has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with so many fantastic writers. They’ve given me tons of encouragement, advice and sometimes a virtual shoulder to cry on when things seemed bleak. I want to thank you all and here’s wishing all of us a prosperous, happy and royalty filled new year! lol


So, what are your goals for the new year? Have you gotten a contract? Ready to self-publish that first book? I’m willing to tout the good news for you.


6 thoughts on “A brand new year.

    1. I’m probably going to leave a 6 week gap between the three in the trilogy then release the fourth book, a stand alone, later in the year. Still have to do a thorough edit on the fourth one and we’re still working on the cover design. Think we finally nailed something down, but I’ve got work to do for the image before we can finalize the cover. I can’t wait for yours to come out!

    1. Same to you!! Scary thing? I’ve already added something to the schedule :O LOL. But that was the purpose, leave it flexible so i don’t stress out. Onward and upward! Thanks Raelyn.

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