Have you ever…?

Ah Friday. It seemed like a good day for a totally random post. 😀 Here goes!

Started singing in the middle of a crowd?

Busted a move at the grocery store?

Sang a song to a Radio DJ to find out the title?

Ever been kicked out of a major amusement park?

Talked your way onto a stage in order to perform with a country band?

Flown/driven to another state to see a concert/game/etc.?

Gotten tipsy at a Gospel Brunch?

Tried your hand at bull riding?

Run a clover-leaf on a top-10 placing barrel horse?

Gotten into the trunk of a car just to see how that escape latch thingy works?

Run down the street with no pants on?

Taken road signs?

Jumped a Suburban off a hill, catching air with all four wheels?

Tested a taser gun to see just how much it hurt?

Written on someone’s windshield with lipstick?

Asked someone for directions even though you know where you’re going?

Waited for a celebrity to get their autograph?

Hmm, quite a list! What can you add to it? I’m curious to see just how crazy my readers are!! Can you guess which ones I’ve actually done? lol

-Have a CRAZY weekend!



4 thoughts on “Have you ever…?

  1. Fun. I was going to answer “no” to the first one and then realized I kind of did that at the work Christmas party last night–but not very loud and mostly to my hubby, but people were nearby.

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