Shh, I’m having an affair

With my computer.

It’s okay though, the hubby knows all about it (and simply shakes his head). I’ve been learning so much about what my little Word program can do. During the adventure of learning how to self-format, I’m learning things about Word that really should be taught in computer classes. Computers were still pretty new when I was in high school – I know, my age is showing. Our ‘computer programing’ class consisted of making designs using the Basic language. Line 100, space 15 times add a *. And so on and so forth. We learned to type on electric typewriters, you know, those big heavy metal things that make it difficult to think when 20 something were clacking all at the same time.

But I digress. I recently learned about Mr. Pilcrow during my formatting adventures. For those who haven’t been introduced to him, he’s on the main menu in your Word program and looks like a backwards P. ¶ There he is! This little guy will show you your formatting. Where you tabbed, where your hard returns are, how many times you used the space bar. It helped explain why certain documents got tweaked whenever I moved it from one computer program to another. Why my indents went all wonky and the like.

I know, for those reading this I probably sound like I’m about 10 years behind the game. I will admit. I’ve learned more about computers and different programs in the last year and half than through all my schooling – including college. A lot of this has been through starting the blog, learning how to format an e-book and changes made to the network at my day job. Granted, I probably know just enough to get myself in trouble, but also know just enough to keep up with most conversations online about e-book formatting.

I still have a lot to learn and I’ve been lucky enough to talk to other authors willing to share their experiences and names of programs they use for their work. I’ve had several people offer to help and I am forever grateful. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m a little, okay-a lot – stubborn. I’ll ask questions after I’ve tried to figure it out. The more I learn about this, the more I want to figure it out myself. Which I think I why discovering little Mr. Pilcrow gave me such a high.

Want to know more about the Pilcrow? Check out this series of posts: Shady Characters

Next, figure out the whole HTML thing. *sigh*

P.S. – For those of us Black Friday shopping, be safe. I for one, WILL NOT be out before 4am on Friday. I used to work retail and think it’s a shame that retailers are taking away those few extra days we used to get. Also, there’s the shop local campaigns to shop small business on Saturday. My shopping list for Black Friday? A vacuum cleaner and cat litter. Yeah, exactly. (I actually already have everyone’s Christmas gifts already).


6 thoughts on “Shh, I’m having an affair

      1. Mom told the story about my grandfather, who was a math professor: they would be riding in the car, and suddenly he would sat something like “317.623.” Mom would ask him what he meant by that, and he would tell her that was the square root of the license plate in front of them. She would check him, and find out that he was correct, or off by one in the last digit. Calculators weren’t even available until he was in his seventies…

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