The Holiday Funk

Prepping for Thanksgiving this week. The hubby is working Thursday so on a whim, I decided to cook him dinner with all the trimmings Sunday so we could have the feast together. Plus, I’ll make plates for him to take to the other three Medics working that day. It’s tough sometimes, but I appreciate the sacrifices he makes so others can have someone on call to come help them when needed. Thank you, baby.

That said, I can feel myself falling into the normal holiday funk that hits me every year. My mom and dad have been gone 18 and 16 years respectively. Yes, I (and they) were young when they passed.  And I still miss them. Especially around this time of year when everyone’s parents start stopping by work or calling to finalize holiday plans. I’m lucky in the fact that I have a fantastic mother-in-law who is sweet and calls me out of the blue and is willing to go along with the silliness that usually happens with me. You know, singing in the store, hollering MOM across an aisle and getting a WHAT! like my mom would have done. My favorite memory is Christmas shopping one November at the Galleria in Houston. We went into the Toys-R-Us, found an off-brand Pillow Pet type thing that made animal sounds. We lined them up on the floor, sat in front of them and then made all of them moo, neigh, quack, oink, buzz and squeak until we decided on the least annoying one. You should have seen the look on the salesman’s face when he walked around the corner! 🙂

I still have to fight the dreary feelings though. Mainly it’s that little prickle of jealousy that others still have their parents or they have a large group of friends to hang out with. I shouldn’t let it get to me, but some days its difficult. It’s one of the reasons I’ve begun to dread December. If December could fall off the calendar, I think I’d be happy about it. For those who are Christian and enjoy celebrating Christmas, it would suck.  Okay, so maybe I don’t want it to completely fall off. Then I would miss seeing my niece in California on FaceTime as she opens my gift. I would miss spending that day with my other niece here in Texas. There are good days, but for the most part, meh.

This is one of those posts that just came out and not at all what I intended to write. The holidays are the biggest time for suicides. So please, if you see someone sad or pushing themselves away from others, offer a smile, a kind word or even a spot at your dinner table. Take it from someone whose been the recipient of such kind behavior: it makes a difference.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


6 thoughts on “The Holiday Funk

  1. (((((Hugs)))))

    It’s hard isn’t it, when loved ones aren’t at these events. I’ve lost both of my parents so I know how you feel. Unfortunately we don’t see my husbands parents so my kids have really missed out on the whole grandparents thing 😦

    Hope you manage to have a lovely day honey xx

  2. *hugs* I’m sorry things are so sad for you this time of year. I understand the feeling. My mother died of complications from brain tumor surgery when I was 14. Her birthday was Christmas Day. Rather than letting her absence suffocate me, I put myself into celebrating the holiday with a gusto–I learned that from her. lol It’s awful having a birthday on a major gift-giving holiday. “Happy Birthday/Merry Christmas!” Um. No. It means your birthday disappears. That’s why we always celebrated the birthday of our two December born kids in June.

    Since they’re all grown up and started their own families, I’ve gotten away from the gusto of the holiday, and I’ve been realizing this year how much I miss it. I’ve taken on a bad attitude of if you (meaning hubby) won’t help me decorate (he’s got health issues) then I just won’t do it. I’ve just decided that my attitude sucks, and I’m going to change it. It’s time for me to reach out and discover again that love of celebrating the holiday that my mom was so good at.

    Thanks, Mel. I needed this.

    1. Sorry for your loss too. Holiday birthdays are terrible. The hubby likes the decorations up and he’s really the only reason I do it anymore. After years of working retail and then having to lug everything from storage and up a flight of stairs is just a pain. I’ll do it anyway because, well, like you said, my attitude towards the holidays sucks lately and I need to do it because I enjoy it.

      Glad I was able to help 🙂

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