Alternate realities

I intended to post something craft related, but then the hubby showed me this article on a gaming site he subscribes to called Destructoid that got me thinking.

I see little memes on Facebook all the time showing how reading can transport you to a different world. That’s why I read sometimes. To get away from reality for a while, read about somewhere I’ve never been. Sometimes just to think about life. Every once in a while I stumble on a book that impacts me in ways I don’t comprehend until my subconscious has time to process everything.

For some, the same happens when they game. I admit, I am a terrible gamer. I’m one of those whose entire body moves with the controller. If its a racing game, I’m turning it like a steering wheel. A shooter? Well, lets just say my aim needs work. That’s why I like games with the Move controller, but that’s a different story. The hubby can’t play with me because he’s either frustrated that I can’t keep up or laughing uncontrollably if he’s watching me instead of the game.  (I’ll wait for you to clear the visuals from your mind and wipe the tears of laughter).

I’ve watched quite a few games being played in the last decade. I’ve gotten completely sucked in by a few of them. The first UnchartedMost of the Final Fantasy games and Assassin’s Creed. If you know anything, a few of those are, um, history based. (cough, cough). My point is, the story sucked me in because of the great writing. You might be a little more physically involved with a video game, but it can have the same impact as a book. Heck, as a movie. I’ve come away from all three with cramps in my belly from laughing or gritty eyes from crying and sometimes even a heaviness of spirit as I reevaluate myself.

I’m glad that a writer was able to connect with Chad Concelmo in a way he found beneficial. A good story resonates with its readers, listeners, viewers.  Take a hop over to Destructoid and read Chad’s post.  If nothing else, it might help give insight to someone you know.

How Final Fantasy VI Saved My Life by Chad Concelmo. Destructoid Videogame news and community.



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