Research teaser

As you know (if you read the blog regularly) I’ve been working on edits on manuscripts requested by editors. Since I’ve been busy with that and with CoyoteCon this past weekend, I kind of forgot about today’s post until last night. I’m beginning to develop a pattern here…and I don’t like it. Will have to correct that and get back to scheduling.
Anyhoo! I decided to give you a sneak peek into what I’m researching in order to verify the elements of the story. And yes, this is a contemporary romance. I warned you I was trying to get history into my stories 😀

Creation of West Virginia

Bryn Mawr, Haverford and Swarthmore colleges

The Library of Congress – research procedures and buildings

Routes used by the Underground Railroad in south central Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Historical Commission

Deeds, Maps and Surveys of Pennsylvania

Quilt patterns and their year of origin


Dates of college spring break and graduation

Route from Philadelphia to Washington D.C.

Bounty hunters chasing runaway slaves


Anyone curious? It’s the most detailed and twisting story line I’ve attempted to date. I can’t wait to get this one out to you! So I’m back off to work.


P.S. If you know anything about these areas and feel like sharing stories, please be my guest!!



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