Men in Kilts Friday!

I know, I’m obsessed! People have posted a few pics on Facebook the last few days and as we’re close to Renaissance time, I start thinking about kilts.


Here’s a good article.

Which led me here. I’m going to have to see if this tartan is available. Who knew the state of Texas had its own Tartan?

If you want to buy/make one, here’s a good site.

And another fun site. Just the name made me stop and look X Marks the Scot. hehe

Here’s another beaut. For you Nathan Fillion fans, there’s a pic of him in a kilt, albeit a leather one.

Now, for music!

**Beware, this one does have a few curse words.

Another good one.

And just because it is Texas Renaissance Festival season, a selection of 7 Tartanic songs, right on their home page! lol I’m ready for my sweaty hug from Adrian 😀

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend.


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