Our typical conversations.

Being a week with a lot going on, I was at a complete loss for blog topics. I asked the hubby, what should I write about? He mentions something from a South Park episode that I will not repeat here. 🙂

If anyone were to listen in on our conversations, they would either think we are a couple of unemployed teenagers or that we hate each other. We simply like to have fun and our type of fun usually doesn’t make sense to those around us. We call each other names. Nothing too terrible, but yeah, we sound like teenagers trying to find the best insult.

And we quote movie lines. South Park – movie and TV show, Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs and a few other random flicks. It’s just us. I can only imagine what people think when we go on vacation. Because the insanity doesn’t stop just because we’re away from home.

Take Cave of the Winds in Colorado. The only reason we knew it existed was because of the ManBearPig episode of South Park. And yes, hubby asked the tour guide if he’d heard ManBearPig. We happened to have an awesome guide and in one particular spot, he started making noises after the hubby and his friend and few of the other people on the tour went into a small alcove to look at the rock formations. “Did you hear him? I think that was ManBearPig.” Lord, it was so hard not to laugh.

Another example. Hubby and I went to Las Vegas about seven years ago. We stood on the sidewalk along the Hoover Dam. My friend Nicole met us in Vegas the night before and went to the dam with us. She and I looked over the edge lamenting the death of Christopher Reeve and thinking poor Jimmy Olsen really must have been scared when the dam started to break. We could easily see the scene from Superman in our minds. Yep, happens all the time.

Boston? I stood staring teary eyed at the statue of Robert Gould Shaw and the north east side of the Common. Again, thanks to Nicole. This time, the movie Glory played through my mind. In the Massachusetts state house – directly across from the statue, there was the flag of the Massachusetts 54th regiment, the subject of the movie.

Philadelphia? Well, that would be National Treasure. And you know, when we walked through Independence Hall, the urge to sneak up one of the cordoned off staircases was almost too overwhelming to ignore. But the thought of avoiding  Federal charges and jail won out over curiosity.

Believe it or not, this can tie on to writing. Listening to others’ conversations can help give insight to writing believable, real characters. What do your characters talk about? Are they movie buffs? Music aficionados? Can they tell you the Latin name of every single plant they walk past? Just something to think about. I almost feel sorry for people who don’t know us that listen to the me and the hubby’s conversations.


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