You get to ask the questions!

Happy Friday! Okay, as most of you know, I’m gearing up for the self-publish release of my first book. I’ve been thinking a lot about how authors go about marketing their books and themselves. The author interview is a popular tool. I’m giving my readers the opportunity to ask the questions! You can either leave them in the comments, send them to me in a message on Facebook or Twitter, or even by email  at At the beginning of October, I’ll compile the questions into a post and provide answers.

So. What do YOU want to know?


Something personal? I’ll answer those, to a point.

How I started writing?

What inspires me?

What’s my schedule?

How do I find time to write?

I’m looking forward to the questions you come up with. I usually don’t have a problem talking to people, but I have noticed I’m a little leery about putting myself out there in a business aspect. Why? I couldn’t tell you. Probably just fear of a new, unknown endeavor. Hope to get that post up by the second week of October at the latest.

It’s a short post, I know.  I like to give you those every once in a while. I think I kind of ran off at the mouth, so to speak, in the last one 🙂
Have a great weekend everybody!

I’ll be enjoying this great fall like weather, willing my pumpkins to grow, and trying to decide how crazy I want to decorate for Halloween this year. Mwahaha.



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