Lone Star Conference/CoyoteCon

Happy Tuesday readers! Just wanted to share a few things coming up that you might be interested in.

October is shaping up to be a busy month. I’ll be participating in both of these events. If you’re interested, stop on by!

Lone Star Conference

First up is the Lone Star Conference put on by the Northwest Houston Area chapter of Romance Writers of America. I attended last year and not only had a great time, but got to meet some wonderful writers and learned a great deal. I can’t wait for this one. Author James Scott Bell will talk about Plot and Structure. Registration is still open and the conference is Saturday, October 13th.

You can check them out here.


Also coming up in October is the online writers convention that is Coyote Con. It is my understanding that this is only the second year for Coyote Con. I was asked to be a panelist, so I’m not only super excited that someone asked me to participate, but also a little nervous. This convention is completely online and the discussions will happen in designated chat rooms. Panelists will discuss the chosen topic, then there will be a Q&A session afterward.  There are a ton of different topics ranging from Steampunk, SciFi, Romance and a variety of other topics. Should be fun. An open chat for introductions starts October 26th at 5pm ET (GMT-4) with the first topic starting at 6pm ET. Topics run until 6pm ET on Sunday October 28th. For those of you who have participated in A Round of Words in 80 days, Kait Nolan will also be one of the panelists.

Check out CoyoteCon here.  Joely Sue Burkhart is putting together this years con. If you would like to be a panelist, you can contact her at joelysueburkhart@gmail.com

October is, at the moment, my goal to get the first book in the When Love trilogy available for purchase. I’ll keep you all updated the closer it gets.

Hope every one is enjoying the fall weather descending upon us here in the States.


Fall is my favorite season and I’m enjoying the heck out of it so far (minus the allergy attacks, of course!). Here’s to pumpkins, Halloween and of course football! Go Broncos! lol, had to add it.



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