How old am I?

Okay, so it’s a little after midnight and I’m wide freaking awake. I have to get up in less than 6 hours and get ready for work. I’ve been up since six this, sorry, yesterday morning. So why, you ask, am I still awake? Two words. The Harrowing.

This book has been in my to be read list for a while. I decided to take a break from reading romance. I opened Alexandra’s book and it’s been difficult to put down. And it’s not just the story, though the story is good. No, it’s also the feeling it evokes.

It’s the reminder of that feeling that maybe something really is watching, and I can’t see it because it is non-corporal. That lingering sense of something on the edge of conscious recognition. basically, how I spent the summer I turned 13. Scaring the shite out of myself and begging for more.

My mother introduced me to Stephen King at the age of 12. Oh, she didn’t actually let me read the book, she gave me a chapter by chapter synopsis after she read it. I was hooked. That thirteenth summer was eye opening. Not only did I read my first Harlequin romance, but I read more Steven King and got sucked into the Flowers in the Attic series by V.C. Andrews. That summer I got up around 3pm, fed the animals, spent time with the parentals then read in the dark of the night…all night. Our house was different. One bedroom, one bath all inside. My bedroom was an uninsulated room built onto the garage. Yeah, oppressive in the summer and freezing in the winter but I loved living at that property. And the perfect conduit for an overactive imagination.

So I read. I always made sure to stay up until my mom got up for work. I think I needed to touch base with another living being. Go over what I read during the long, dark hours alone. Then I’d sleep while they were at work and start all over. I think maybe I felt safe knowing the sun watched over me as I slept.

I have that same feeling now. The feeling that I’m not alone here in my room, trying to quiet my mind. Oh, there is a four legged one with me, but I think some of you might now exactly what I mean. Especially since the four-legged is also unsettled.

If I didn’t have a ton of stuff to do, tied up in that adult responsibility bow, you bet your arse I’d be up until the dawn, jumping at every little noise and loving every minute. While I’m a little apprehensive, I’m also curious to see what will manifest in my dreams.

How did you sleep last night??


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