A day to chill

This day off was planned back at the end of July, but the timing ended up being perfect.

The hubby, me, and the in-laws are headed to the Natural Science Museum to check out the Titanic Exhibit. I’ve been wanting to see one of these for years. Before you even mention the movie (which the hubby can’t stand, btw) I’ve been slightly obsessed with the Titanic as far back as I can remember. Side note – my favorite question from people. “Why watch it? You know how it ends…the ship sinks.”

I think it was 1985 or 1987 when they broadcast the first pictures the underwater rovers were able to capture. Fascinated. The dishes still in tact and piled on the seabed. Pieces of furniture, jewelry, silverware strewn across the ship and debris field. Yep, I sat and watched the entire thing. And every time anything aired after that.

To take a day to recharge, I’m going to immerse myself in a little bit of history. I don’t like the boats so much, but I’m enthralled with imagining the only mode of transportation consisting of spending a minimum of two weeks on a ship just to get to your destination. And the logistics involved not only in packing, but providing for over 2,000 people. Food, bedding, drinks. Coal to complete the voyage. I panic when packing for a five day trip, worrying that I’ll have everything I need. Then again, people 100 years ago and more were used to packing for longer journeys and probably didn’t take as much stuff with them when they did. Of course, I’m not thinking high society folks when I say that. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, we’re off to Houston to enjoy the exhibit. Hoping to feel recharged and ready to write when we get back.

And no, I’m not going to include the song. Most people either love it or hate it. If you love it, you probably still have the CD or by now an digital version of it. If you hate it, I won’t torture you.

If you want more things Titanic, here are a few links.





http://www.mollybrown.org/Β  (tried to get here when in Denver last year, just not enough time)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS_Cap_Arcona_%281927%29 Just something interesting.





11 thoughts on “A day to chill

  1. Oh, the dilemma of finding a schedule. I have just stumbled across this blog (I’m finding myself in all kinds of digital places today…) and 100% agree with never being able to quite stay away from writing, but sometimes at what might be the expense of just taking a day to write out a nice, neat schedule.

    *sigh* Let me know if you find anything.
    Great blog by the way!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Chris! Scheduling is still rough for me. Seems like every time I schedule a day away from the writing, I come back to it because my brain rebelled and came up with a fantastic idea.

  2. Malanie,
    I enjoyed your piece about the Titanic trip.I saw it in Nashville several years ago. And of course
    your father-in-law,John told me all about it, too.

  3. Thanks everyone! It was a great day. Titanic exhibit was awesome. So bummed they won’t allow any photography though. I think I cried three different times. When we walked in, they handed us a boarding pass. Each one had a name, traveling itinerary and cabin assignment. At the end of the exhibit, they had all the names of those on the ship and you had to find “your” name on the wall to see if you survived the disaster.

    We also walked through the Warriors, Tombs and Temples Chinese exhibit. They actually had some of the Terra Cotta warrior statues and one of the horses. Very cool! Also a statue possibly depicting Mulan. The story the audio guide gave about her mirrored the Disney movie plot almost exactly. πŸ˜‰

    After that we walked through a few of the permanent exhibits and ate at the McDonald’s in the museum. Before leaving, my father-in-law and I rode the gyro-sphere. A very interesting 60 seconds. People in the lobby got a laugh out of it. I screamed when it took off. Once it stopped, I looked up to see people standing around just smiling. lol http://www.davincisciencecenter.org/experiences/standard-exhibits/gyrosphere/

    AND I was able to finally get a decent outline for the story I’m working on. A few things need to be worked out still, but at least I have a direction! I guess getting away from it all for just a day helped πŸ˜€

  4. The exhibits are amazing. I learn something new every time I have the chance to go. Cruise ships are a fun way to travel. I will say, the Titanic is why today’s ships have enough life boats for everyone on board and why overbooking a cruise ship doesn’t happen (and I say that as someone who used to do head counts for cruise ships). Hope you have a great day πŸ™‚

    1. I know. At least some good came out of the tragedy. I probably looked like a total dork because I walked around with my notebook in hand sketching and taking notes, lol. Couldn’t help myself. When you ‘enter the ship’, they have you walk through a first class passageway. My cabin was actually there in the hallway. Yes, I had the movie going through my head, but more so pictures of the ship, not the actual story.

  5. Here is an additional link for Violet Jessop: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violet_Jessop
    In she survived the sinkings of the Titanic and her sister ship, the Britanic. Prior to these sinkins, she was on board the sister ship to these doomed ships, the Olympic, when it collided with the HMS Hawke. Not a very lucky lady, as far as keeping ships under her was concerned; but very lucky as far as surviving was concerned.

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