Hello Holidays! – August

A very light month indeed.  It’s months like these that make me think holidays were bunched together during the months with shorter days in order to give the people centuries ago something to look forward to, a reason to make it through those long cold nights.

If you know of something, please add it to the comments!

August 1st – Lammas or Lughnasadh. Pagan celebration of the first harvest of the year. Thanks is given for the food given to us by the earth. Technically, I read, if the Pilgrims had gotten everything together in time, we would celebrate Thanksgiving in August rather than November.

August 15th – Assumption Day. Feast celebrating the taking up of the Virgin Mary’s body into Heaven. Some debate whether or not Mary died before or after her body was taken up to heaven.

August 19th – Eid ul-Fitr. End of Ramadan. The time of Muslim fasting from sunup to sundown. I don’t know anyone personally who fasted for Ramadan but I have to hand it to them if they made the entire month. No drinking or eating while the sun is in the sky.

And that folks, is August!

Sorry for the lateness of the Happy Holiday post. I’ll try to get it back on track considering there are only four months left in the year! Wait, forget I said that 🙂 This year has gone by way too fast.

Everyone, enjoy the last of summer. Happy learning to the kids who have already started school or are about to start.



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