Unexpected time travel…

My only explanation for not only missing the Sunday Holiday post but also almost completely flaking out on today’s. It’s going to have to be short though, and for that I apologize. I will give you a quickie rundown on what all has got my brain turned to mush.

My “real” job has been crazy. Staff changes, erratic work load and co-workers driving me bonkers. I think the heat is scrambling my brain. And giving me serious road rage.

Writing – August Camp Nano. Completely kicking my butt. I’m behind, I’m having massive allergy attacks which fogs the brain making it difficult to read.

Working with a budding graphic designer on the three covers for the trilogy I’m finishing up. I’m excited about what she’s created and we have a very good working relationship. We’re both learning and I hope this helps her follow a dream. okay, to tell you how mush my brain is, I just spelled ‘learning’ as lurning.  yup, me can lurn. sheesh.

So, the first in the trilogy is with a beta reader, whose dealing with wonky A/C units and getting four kiddos ready for school.  The second book is resting. I plan to do a more detailed edit after NaNo. The third book? Let’s just say my characters are somewhat closed mouth and driving me a little batty. 18,000 words in and my heroine JUST decided to let some of her personality show through. It’s finally starting to come together. Now, if I could just get the words to flow a little bit better, we’d really be cooking. Got the covers all ready, but they don’t do me any good without something to put inside of them. 😀

I’m trying to get a better schedule set up for exercising and writing. I started doing the Couch to 5K program. I’m only on week 2 so I haven’t really seen a difference. Except for the fact that the running portions aren’t that murderous. The toughest part is getting up in the morning to do it after not getting that good of a night’s sleep because apparently my allergies are causing me to make really weird noises at night in attempts to breathe.

On the fun side, our date for Renaissance is set, I’m registered for the Lone Star Conference in October – so excited!, and a friend and fellow writer will be accompanying me!!! YAY!  Thursday is our local writer’s club meeting and my niece is spending Friday night with us. Full week!

So, I apologize for the weird schedule and I promise to get the holiday post up before August is completely gone.

Once the covers are finalized, I’m trying to decide who gets first peek at them 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great week. For those going back to school have fun, lurn…I mean learn lots, and stay cool in these last weeks of summer.



3 thoughts on “Unexpected time travel…

    1. Looks like the third weekend in October. Pirate weekend. Should be interesting. I’ll be wearing an old costume too. Maybe we can schedule a sewing day and help each other out!

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