A Banner Week – Two more awards!

Ms. Raelyn Barclay awarded me with TWO awards. And this after getting the illuminating blogger award earlier in the week. I’m blushing and jumping for joy at the same time. It’s nice to know I’ve made an impact/impression on people with my writing.

The Sunshine Award

  • Favorite color: Orange mainly. I like most colors, though I cannot wear yellow. Just doesn’t work.
  • Favorite animal: Exotic: tiger. Love them. If I’m at a zoo, you’re losing me to the tiger exhibit. Domestic: cats, dogs and if I had acreage, horses.
  • Favorite number: 7. Those who know me, just hush 🙂  It’s a good number.
  • Favorite drink: As much as I love my coffee, I have to say tea. It’s such a versatile drink.
  • Facebook/Twitter Locations: Facebook / Twitter
  • Favorite passion: Reading. Crafts come a very close second.
  • Giving or Receiving: Giving, definitely. I’m copying Raelyn’s answer on that.
  • Favorite pattern: Plaid. I love it. Especially if it’s on a kilt. Mmm.
  • Favorite day of the week: One where I get to write.
  • Favorite flower: I really don’t have one. It used to be carnation, but I’ve grown out of that. Anything orange, I guess. I like the flower in the award above.

Fabulous Blog Ribbon

Five fabulous writing moments:

  1. Typing ‘Chapter One’ on a new draft.
  2. Brainstorming with the fabulous writers I’ve had the pleasure to meet here online and in the real world.
  3. When an audience ‘gets’ the emotion you tried to write and realize you succeeded in writing.
  4. Sprinting online with fellow writers and seeing the enthusiasm when they accomplish their goals.
  5. Typing ‘The End’ on a first draft.

Five things I love about writing…

  1. When the story flows…no feeling like it.
  2. Discovering what my characters are like and what they’re doing.
  3. The opportunities it has afforded me to meet fabulous people I would have never met.
  4. The fact that it forces me to think and grow as a writer and a person.
  5. Living in another world for a time.

Five things I hate about writing…

  1. Using a thesaurus because my brain refuses to cough up the word I’m looking for.
  2. Revisions – necessary yet evil.
  3. Not having enough time to do it as often as I want. It’s an addiction!
  4. Edits. See #2
  5. Characters who refuse to follow and outline. Fun yet frustrating at the same time.

I have to copy this from Raelyn, who shared it from Brinda Berry when she handed out these two awards.

“Why? Because these writers certainly spread sunshine with their words. Their blogs are wonderful, and they are Fabulous Blog Ribbon worthy. They are welcome to indulge us with answers to the questions above if they like. Please go visit these bloggers and see why they are so special!”


I have to agree. You all know, I’m a little bit of a rule breaker. To thank every blogger/writer who has visited FP,TD, I have to award you ALL with these two awards. So many people have encouraged me over the last year on this blogging journey. If it hadn’t been for them, I might have given this up a long time ago. We all know, there are times when we just need a little bit of encouragement to make it over that hump.

Have a great weekend.





4 thoughts on “A Banner Week – Two more awards!

    1. Plaid kilts is right. Think the hubby is getting tired of me requesting Highland Fling weekend at Renaissance. I can’t help it. 95% of the men I’ve seen in kilts look good!

  1. Great answers, Melanie! I’ll share mine..maybe Sunday. (I’m still answering…lol) I must commend you on choosing plaid…especially if encasing a Highlander…Yum! :} I never got the ‘pattern’ question before reading yours and Raelyns’ answers…lol …

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