Just one of those crazy things

Happy Tuesday readers! It’s a jam packed month with August not looking any better, but in a good way. Meaning if I had the ability to quit my full time job I’d have more than enough to keep me busy 🙂

Anyway, I finished the edit/rewrite of When Love Waits and the first draft of When Love Lingers thanks to the June session of Camp NaNo. I’ve been going back over them one more time, finding typos, inconsistencies and tweaking sentences to make them stronger. A week ago, I had a working title for the second book that I wasn’t in love with. So, I posted to my friends on Facebook and between my beta reader for the first book and my cousin’s husband, who’s also a writer, I came up with the title above.

As all Facebook discussion tend to, the title search went off on a tangent. Two people said it needed to be a trilogy. Wait, what? It wasn’t even supposed to be two books? I don’t have characters to use in a trilogy! Needless to say, I freaked out. After further discussion with the cuz’s hubby, it hit me that Idohave two characters I can make a story with. It means revisiting the location of the first book, but I figured out a way to get the main character from that book out of the picture even though she works with these two at the same office. Viola! Story outlining itself in my head, freaking out minimized and now, I’ll be doing the August NaNo session, even though I didn’t intend to do it.

Now, I’ll have a trilogy. I’m excited about the prospect but nervous at the same time. I have another dilemma. Deep down, I have a feeling these stories won’t be picked up simply because the main character in the first book is a football player.


Apparently, athletes aren’t real big sellers in the romance community. I think partly it may be because of the fact most people really can’t relate to the lifestyle a professional athlete leads, but I think it would be in the same vein as the prince or millionaire sweeping his heroine off to exotic locals.  I have that personality that if you tell me something can’t be done, I’m going to try it anyway because I simply don’t believe you. Because I’ve done it in the past and gotten the thing that “didn’t work” to work. So yeah, I’m a little stubborn. (okay, a lot stubborn)

I’ve gotten fantastic advice from two self-published authors and I think I’m going to go that route. Now I get to learn two more languages! Cover design and book formatting, yippee!! I know I can do it, it’s just sitting down long enough to do it. Sometimes I wonder if I am a little ADD because there are days where I just can not focus no matter what I do. Give me a good book, on the other hand and I’m a couch potato until I hit that last page.

So, to borrow a phrase from a friend, I’m “sending it out into the universe” that I can get this trilogy written, packaged and up for sale by the end of year. By hook or by crook. Hehe. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Not to mention, I know there are other women out there who still find a man in a football uniform sexy.


Just because…

I apologize to any Steeler fan, but as a Broncos fan, this was an unforgettable play. I still get chills watching it 🙂


4 thoughts on “Just one of those crazy things

    1. I know, right? LOL I wanted to NOT do that but got sucked into it by my beta reader. Dang her hide! Thanks! I’ll be writing it during Camp NaNo next month. Get it knocked out and done.

    1. I know you haven’t met the female, can’t remember if the male character was in the draft you read or not. 🙂 They both make a brief appearance in Emma’s story. We’ll see what happens. I’ll be writing their story during Camp.

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