Final Round 2 update for ROW80

Wow! Day 80 of Round 2. Truthfully, I didn’t think I could do it.  I’ve read some posts where just reading the writers goals made me tired!! So many people out there accomplishing their dreams. It’s nice to see. Congrats to all those who worked hard to meet their goals.

1) Write 100 words a day – minimum. Got this one! Over the 80 days, I wrote a total of 50,418 words on my works in progress, which translates to approximately 630 a day. That doesn’t include blog posts. And I went on vacation! Ah, sweet wordage! 🙂

2) Retweet other writers’ posts on Twitter. Some weeks were better than others. I still need to figure out a schedule for this. It’s getting to the point where I only read Twitter when the hubby asks if I saw his retweet of something. It’s bad, I know.

3) Finish When Love Waits edit/rewrite by the end of the month. DONE!!!!!! Okay, it didn’t happen by the end of May like I intended, but it happened. There are a few tweaks that need to be made, but I’m going to let it sit until July then start sending out query letters.

4) Comment on blogs I’m subscribed to instead of just reading them in my email.
Another thing where I did better some weeks than others. It’s difficult to set a specific time to read/respond to these because I work Monday thru Friday and the hubby’s schedule rotates. I tried doing it at lunch, but some days I just want to be away from a computer period during that hour.

5) Finish follow-up novel to When Love Waits by the end of the round.
Didn’t get it finished, but thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve written almost 10,000 words on it. I plan to finish it by the end of the month.  Looking at possibly self publishing both of these books if they don’t get looked at by an agent. Will probably pitch them at a conference in October, depending on response from queries I send out.

6) Read more craft material. A little better. I read quite a few blog posts about craft and then we’ve gone over some points in the writer’s group meeting. It’s nice to be able to talk about it with a live person because it’s helping cement the craft aspects in my mind instead of trying to recognize them on my own.

Congrats to all the hard work and effort put in by the participants of Round 2 and to Kait Nolan for hosting.



5 thoughts on “Final Round 2 update for ROW80

  1. You had a fabulous Round Mel!! You’ve blown me away with your wordage…way to go. If you ever need a beta let me know. Good luck with the balance of Camp and I can’t wait to see your goals for next Round 🙂

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