Hello Holidays! – June

I apologize for this being a week late. As my high school freshman English teacher used to say, “Mea culpa, mea culpa”.

Juno in Latin, who is also the goddess of marriage and well-being of women (Greek goddess Hera). Possibly the initial reason June was the popular month for weddings.

June 1st – Beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Not technically a holiday but for those of us living in the south and along the east coast of the United States, a time to start watching every tropical storm that crops up in the Atlantic Ocean.

June 14th – Flag Day. The day in 1777 when the Stars and Stripes was officially adopted to represent the United States of America. A pet of mine is proper flag etiquette. I actually asked an employee at Sams Club to correct it when I saw it hanging incorrectly by their service desk. After reading the Flag Code, I can’t bring myself to wear any of the “patriotic” shirts retailers sell every summer.

Third Sunday of the Month – Father’s Day. Started in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd who was one of six siblings raised by a widower. She wanted to honor her father. Men fought against the recognition. It wasn’t made an official holiday until 1972.

19th – Juneteenth. 1865. The news of the end of the Civil War and reading of the Emancipation Proclamation was finally announced in Galveston, Texas. Celebrations are still held to this day.

20th – Summer Solstice. Longest day of the year. Shortest night of the year. Included a ritual to bring rain for the crops. Later, adopted by Christianity as the Feast of St. John.

A rather light month. Have a great rest of June!




6 thoughts on “Hello Holidays! – June

  1. I love June, but it’s a hard sleep month for me. I had a hard time going to bed when it’s still light and it stays light until nearly 10 p.m. Then I tend to wake up about 4:50 a.m. Ugh

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