Inspiration 2.0

Happy Friday readers!

I was doing so well earlier in the week with getting things posted ahead of time. Then we had some wonky weather here and my allergies flared up. Let’s just say my eyesight was a little blurry and watery the last few days. Add in trying to keep up with the Camp recommended daily wordage…I could really use a nap.

Last night was our writer’s group meeting. It’s only the fourth meeting and we’re still getting into the swing of things. We have several published writers, a few that are new to the game and it’s a nice mix. Everyone has shared some of their work and it’s an engaging, safe, respectful environment. EXACTLY what I’d hoped for 🙂

I missed the last Thursday meeting because we left for vacation the next morning. Last minute packing and all had me stressed. Anyway, this Thursday’s meeting was awesome. So far, I’ve left every meeting feeling more inspired than when I got there. These writers make me want to strive for better. They all have such unique voices and they’re diversely read and I’m learning so much from them.

I know, I’m gushing. That’s how I felt though. I’d planned something else for today’s post, but expressing my thoughts on the writer’s group kept gnawing at me.

As we’re such a diverse group, there’s been limited discussion on genre specific trends, but there’s enough to cover strictly talking craft that we can all pretty much follow the conversation. Tonight we talked about the much bandied about “show, don’t tell”. What’s funny is most of them can do it. They just didn’t recognize they did it. And this is the fun part of the meetings. Seeing these talented people recognize that they are writers. That other people take their work seriously and watching them light up when they understand how they achieved something emotionally engaging. It’s so much fun seeing their eyes light up.

There are quite a few things I still need to learn and work on. Hearing these writers read their work, I know where I want to improve in my writing. I also don’t feel like an outcast or a total newbie either. They’re helping me be able to verbalize my thoughts in a manner that’s easier to understand. I’m in my head so much that I tend to forget some of the thoughts I want to convey when I talk. The brain just can’t relay all the information to the mouth. If I can’t convey my thoughts, ideas, story to them, how the heck am I going to do that for an agent when I’m pitching my work? Or trying to describe it to someone , a potential reader.

I hadn’t even anticipated that boon when this group started up. So, they help inspire me to work harder, be a better writer and be a better encourager. So many people have helped me and worked with me when I seriously started writing that it feels fantastic to be able to do that for someone else.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


Do you have a group, writers or otherwise, that inspire you to be, do better?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration 2.0

  1. I love my forum critique group. Even though they’re mostly MG/YA fantasy writers, they’ve been a tremendous help to me with my adventure romance. They’re a very interesting group in spite of the common thread of genre, so they provide very interesting and unique input.

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