2nd ROW80 update from Camp.

Howdy! We’re making progress and shaking tail feathers here at FPTD. On to the update!

1) Write 100 words a day – minimum. During Camp it’s more like write 1000 minimum! I’ve written approximately 13,000 words since last week’s check in. *Doing a happy dance*

2) Retweet other writers’ posts on Twitter. Not so much. Have read more than I did last week. Posted a tweet. I’ve responded to others Twitter posts that show up on Facebook. Does that count? No? Ah well. 🙂

3) Finish When Love Waits edit/rewrite by the end of the month. COMPLETE! 全部の, Cumplido, Finito, Complet, Vollständig, úplný. Can you tell I’m glad its done? Thank you Camp! Also entered it into the Lone Star Writing Completion put on by Northwest Houston Romance Writers Chapter. Keeping my fingers crossed!

4) Comment on blogs I’m subscribed to instead of just reading them in my email. Meh. I’ve been bad. Got a few responses posted.

5) Finish follow up novel to When Love Waits by the end of the round. Started on this one yesterday. Also entered the first two chapters of this one into the Lone Star contest also. Working title is now Her Best Friend’s Ex, but I’m not too keen on it. Suggestions are welcome!!

6) Read more craft material. Read the issue of Romance Writers Report that I received in the mail and a few craft blog posts, so not so bad on this one. I reorganized my bookshelf that holds all my writing related material and browsed through a few of the printed handouts I have.

If I remember correctly, this is the last Wednesday post of the second Round of ROW80. Next week should be the summary for the round. It’s been crazy.


7 thoughts on “2nd ROW80 update from Camp.

  1. You’ve been rocking the ROW 🙂

    CONGRATS on getting When Love Waits done :throws confetti: Snoopy dancing for you! Good luck on the contests.

    Fabulous check in Melanie and I’m wishing you another amazing week as you wrap up the Round.

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