Did ya miss me? – Letter from Camp

Dear Readers,

Today is the first day of the second one-third of Camp. My sunburn from the first few days has finally abated, which my cabin mates are extremely grateful for. Apparently they’re a little grossed out by peeling skin. The counselors had a really good concoction that stuck to my skin like aloe but smelled a little like Noxzema. No one has burned their hands (yet) trying to get their marshmallows out of the fire though several were lost to the dirt around the fire pit.

Despite the sun burn and a sore back side from doing the best cannonball into the lake EVER! I managed to get some writing done. I’m less than a day behind the suggested word count but I had a break through after the hot dog and chips lunch and the words are flowing a little better.

At least the bugs aren’t too bad. We’ve all doused ourselves in some lotion or other that makes the buggies stay far, far away. The crickets, frogs and owls make for a beautiful lullaby chorus to sing our exhausted bodies and writer brains to sleep.

My cabin mates are an awesome! Five other girls who are adventurous, supportive and we take turns hiding the contraband flashlights, notebooks and pens from the counselors when they check out bunks at lights out. hehe. They’ll never make me talk!


Hope you’re having fun at home, all curled up in air conditioning. Truthfully, I’m kind of enjoying it out here in the beautiful arms of nature. Hot? Jump in the lake for a quick swim. Chilly? Go find a spot next to the campfire. In need of entertainment? No lack of that here. Not to mention the fact that hanging out with a bunch of writers makes for some extremely creepy and goose bump inducing ghost stories!

Have a great day. I’m off to learn about tracking.

Love from camp,


P.S. Counselors shut down our wifi over the weekend and my holiday post is sadly late. It will be up in time for Father’s Day though. 🙂


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