First ROW update from Camp

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, I signed up for the June session of Camp NaNoWriMo in order to kick the writing into full gear and get out of the rut I fell into during the month of May. If you can’t do this session, there’s another camp session in August, then of course, the original in November.

1) Write 100 words a day – minimum. Yeah, completely blown out of the water. That’s what I love about the NaNo challenges. Since last week’s update, I’ve written close to 8000 words. Still a little behind for the NaNo daily goal, but about 10 times more than I wrote the week before that.

2) Retweet other writers’ posts on Twitter. I think I did one. Bad writer monkey. Bad. I did post one tweet. Random thoughts are dangerous for someone with a Twitter account 🙂

3) Finish When Love Waits edit/rewrite by the end of the month. That “month” was supposed to be May. Which has now stretched into June. But now, thanks to my decision to go to “camp” I might have this accomplished before next Wednesday’s update! Yippee!!!!

4) Comment on blogs I’m subscribed to instead of just reading them in my email. I was a little better about this, this week. Need to get better. I noticed a few that I initially subscribed to last year changed what they write about and now don’t appeal to me as much. I feel bad about unsubscribing, but I don’t read them anyway. *sigh. Decisions, decisions.

5) Finish follow up novel to When Love Waits by the end of the round. See #3. Might get started back on this next week. Excited!!! I can see progress, which makes me want to write and I’ve found my enthusiasm again 🙂 Should have it finished by the end of the month, which may extend a little past the last day of ROW80.

6) Read more craft material. No books, but I’ve read a few blog posts about this. Also attended the local writer’s group meeting. They helped inspire me to light a fire. I felt a little inadequate in comparison. I know I’m not. They write in a completely different style then I do, that’s all there is to it.

Don’t forget to check out the others participating in this second round of ROW80 which I just realized is almost over! About 2 weeks left for this round. Wow. Time flew by fast!

How did you do this week?



11 thoughts on “First ROW update from Camp

    1. I’ve seen you post that several times. Very true. That’s one thing beneficial about the 100 words a day. When I feel like quitting, I see that blank spot next to the date and realize I don’t want to give in to the defeatist attitude. Thanks Donna! I’m so glad Farland Writer’s Group brought us together. You’ve been a great encouragement for me.

    1. Yes it is. There are so many things I want to do and sometimes get overwhelmed. Vacation helped bring my perspective back. Slowly making adjustments as I go. 🙂 Thanks Vikki

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I know I’m not the only one, but I’m trying to give back as much as others give me. I just tend to get lost in my own head – I read then forget to tell the poster what I thought. Trying to be better about that.

  1. Fab check in Melanie! I can crank out NaNo wordage when a story and/or characters are pushing me to finish but the challenge just does not work with my life…wee beasties expect clean clothes and food and stuff, LOL. I know you love it and I know you’ll surpass your goal! And if you can get in SM on top of all that…kudos! Have an awesome week, my friend 🙂

    1. Thanks Callene! I could do this word count on a regular basis if I wanted to. I let myself procrastinate. During NaNo, my competitive nature comes out when I see other writers putting up those huge numbers, it pushes me to do better. Thanks for stopping by!!

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