Letters from Camp

I totally went brain-dead last week and forgot to announce the winner of the book drawing for the blogiversary. Thanks to Random.org, the lucky winner is…


She’s the lucky winner of the books I’m giving away. Not bad for a first time commentor. Send me your info at melmacek@hotmail.com and I’ll get them out to you in the mail the next day.


Ah summer. Warmer weather, kids out of school, the smell of chlorine in the air. As a child, summer seemed to be the time when we moved. So I never did get to experience the whole “summer camp” thing.

This year, I’m going to Camp! Well, virtual camp anyway. NaNoWriMo started Camp NaNoWriMo last year. I didn’t participate in the inaugural session but this year, I’m all in! There are two camp sessions – June and August. I’m camping this month.

My cabin mates are an excellent group of writers and I have a feeling at some point S’mores will be involved. Maybe we’ll save that for validation as a celebratory snack! 🙂

So why would a person who complains about not having any time participate in the insanity that is NaNo? Well, added incentive. Higher word count goals force butt into chair and hands onto keyboard. Lately, my internal editor has become an annoying little downer, monkey-faced, pea-brained imaginary entity that keeps hindering my progress. So I left his downer hiney at home and went to camp.

Take that internal editor!

Anyway. I started thinking about camp and writing last night. Sunday was a catch up day. I totally bombed on making the 1,667 word count on Friday. Got a little closer Saturday then Sunday was a write fest. I’m still a little behind but plan to make it up Monday night. What hit me was the fact that by the end of Tuesday, if I’m a good little caffeine fueled writer and I make my word count goal, I will have written more words in the first 5 days of Camp than I did the entire month of May.

And that statistic right there is the entire reason I signed up for Camp. I’ve been faltering, doubting, wondering why I’m bothering, lately. I know just about every one goes through this self doubt when following an endeavor. Throw in that aptly above described internal editor and it makes for a real pity party inside my head.

NO MORE! I will achieve my goals this month, dammit! That’s right. It’s back on the hay wagon. I have a flashlight in order to write after the 10pm lights out. I’m a rebel that way. I will send letters home (hubby thought it was a little dorky, but it was fun to do!) and I will make my word count! I will swim and go for hikes and and get bit by summer bugs lurking just outside the golden orbs of light lighting the paths from cabin to mess hall.

I’m going to have fun. I’m going to accomplish that 50,000 word goal by the end of this month. I am renewed!

I’ll check in from time to time. I have to warn you though, letters may smell like bug spray and sunblock oh! chocolate and coffee are very much appreciative!

Happy Camping!


If you want to check out the insanity, go to Camp NaNoWriMo’s website.
p.s. Pretty cool event. Venus will be visible on the face of the sun in a good portion of the world. Check out this site to see when it will visible in your locale!


8 thoughts on “Letters from Camp

  1. Congratulations, Camilla!
    And good luck at camp, Melanie – I’m going to try to write every day but don’t think I can do 50K this month…

    1. I know! I think that’s why camp appealed to me right now. I’ve been in a writing funk, barely making my 100 words. It felt like a chore. This absolute push forced me to get past that and back into the story full force.

    1. Thanks Donna! If I see him sneak into camp, I’m going to squirt honey on him, tie him to a tree and leave him for the bears and ants. Maybe then he’ll get the hint!! lol

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