Monthly goals – May update

So, these last few weeks I’ve started reassessing my goals. Few have changed, but the few I’m changing will hopefully have a good, long lasting impact.

On to the month end report!

1) Lose 20% of my starting weight by the end of the year. No change. I stopped counting points and didn’t exercise as much. The only good thing is whenever I gained a pound, it only took a day or so to get it back off. So today is a fresh start and hopefully a noticeable change in the weight (and clothes!).

2) Read 100 Books. 36 read. I’m behind where I need to be in order to get 100 for the year. Plan to catch up. Reading Medusa: A Love Story by Sasha Summers and have several more in queue by Jennifer Bray-Weber and J.D. Faver chomping at the bit.

3) Schedule all blog posts. Somehow, I scheduled most of the months posts before we went on vacation. And it’s been tough getting back on track. Obviously. This post should have been published 12 hours ago. Going to revamp the schedule and posting. More on that later.

4) Finish editing When Love Waits. Freaking edits. It turned into a total rewrite. I guess this is going to be my learning novel. It WILL be published.

5) Finish first draft of my 2011 NaNo novel. On hold for now. The year is far from over!

6) Edit Renaissance Wench and re-query.

7) Keep up with housecleaning regularly. Trying to be good. For the most part, I try to keep the little tchatches up since the kittehs love my hair things and pens as play toys.

8) Exercise daily. Gearing up for vacation put a damper on the daily stuff though I think vacation itself might have made up for it. Bike riding can’t compare to lugging 30 pounds worth of gear and a cot up and over 10 to 15 foot hills covered in rocks and beach sand (mostly beach sand). Best exercise because it didn’t feel like exercise. It was either lug the stuff or I was sleeping in the sand with who knows what type of critter crawling in with me. 🙂

I also signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo so I can get some major wordage accomplished. If anyone wants to donate marshmallows and chocolate bars, they would be greatly appreciated!

Have a great weekend!



10 thoughts on “Monthly goals – May update

  1. Great goals Melanie. I let my scheduling slide too, now it’s biting me in the arse. Must build up the queue! Good luck with Camp NaNoWriMo…I think you’re nuts but, hey, do what works 😀

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