After vacay ROW80 update

1) Write 100 words a day – minimum. Barely. Transferred all the handwritten words done during vacation into the manuscript. I think there was a day in there where I was under 100, but I did somehow manage to write every day.

2) Retweet other writers’ posts on Twitter. Big fat fail. After being away from technology (and seriously enjoying it) its been difficult to get back into it. Think I’m going to reassess some of my goals.

3) Finish When Love Waits edit/rewrite by the end of the month. Not gonna make it. Planning for and then going on vacation put a huge monkey wrench into this. Not that I’m complaining. Just saying, not gonna make it.

4) Comment on blogs I’m subscribed to instead of just reading them in my email. Tried to get to a few, but haven’t even read the posts in my email subscriptions let alone get around to ROWers. :/ Must do better.

5) Finish follow up novel to When Love Waits by the end of the round. Zilch.

6) Read more craft material. Zero.

On a high note, I did finally finish a book I’ve been slowly reading over the last two months. Plus I downloaded about 4 free books today, so hopefully I can find some time to read.

Vacation helped me refocus and I plan to reassess my commitments in regards to the time spent on the internet. I enjoy writing, but I’m also missing out on other things which this latest trip helped to remind me of.

As far as the blogiversary giveaway, I’ll announce the lucky recipient Friday. Sooooo, I just might include comments on today’s post considering we’re still in May.

Have a great week, hope you’re all accomplishing your goals.



7 thoughts on “After vacay ROW80 update

  1. A hundred words a day is fantastic; it’s a great way to find your rhythm as a writer. As for reassessing one’s goals, that’s what ROW80 is all about, and we’re here to cheer you, no matter what. Life is about evolving; writing is no different. Hope you have a really great week and pat yourself on the back for writing while vacationing. Now that’s dedication!


  2. “Vacation helped me refocus and I plan to reassess my commitments in regards to the time spent on the internet.” — LOL, they have a funny way of doing that. I think you’ve had a pretty good week all things considered plus getting a recharge from being on vacation. Wishing you luck on redefining your goals, my friend.

  3. Well done for writing everyday during your vacation – I’ve never managed that. I love your attitude of not getting worried about what you haven’t achieved because of it either, so many people feel bad for what they haven’t done (I’m talking me here!). Hope you get back into a pattern now you’re back!

    1. Thanks! Writing on vacation was a challenge considering we were either wet, about to get wet and completely without electricity. It was easier than I thought to let go of technology. I’m slowly getting back in the groove. Glad you stopped by.

  4. Oh! Hope you enjoy The Third Fate, Melanie!
    Also saw you passed along an award to Raelyn over at her blog – that’s awesome!

    Vacations have a way of de-railing the best laid plans. But enjoy the break. You’ll probably come back refreshed and ready to write! Keep up the daily additions to your manuscript. Progress is progress!

    1. Thankfully I knew full well ahead of time and just let go of any guilt, etc. about not keeping the social media checks going. It was a nice change of pace and I may have to do it more often. Step outside away from the computer, TV, radio, etc. and write longhand while enjoying the great outdoors. Though we’re in full mosquito mode, so it will be a challenge! 🙂

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