A trip through my mind.

Ever wonder how writers come up with their ideas? I used to too until I became one. Now the ideas are beating the insides of my brain to a pulp trying to get out and onto the page. I have stacks of spiral notebooks laying around the house where I write ideas or keep up with what’s going on in a particular story.

It’s gotten a little out of hand, but I’m afraid I’ll run out of places to write all these ideas if I don’t have a stack of these puppies laying around. I love the beginning of the school year because I can’t get these on the cheap! 🙂

So now for the ideas. Here’s an example of what happens in my mind during and after a typical conversation.

You know, it would be interesting to find out what happened to some of the gangster houses in Chicago after their owners were killed or sent to prison.


Were they torn down? What happened to the neighborhood? Does that neighborhood exist anymore? Were the gangsters buried? Did they spend time at Alcatraz? You know, a story set in San Francisco would be interesting. I’ve been there and Google Earth could help me with directions so I don’t get turned around. But where would my character live? In the city? In one of the suburbs? If so, what bridge would they have to cross if they worked in the city.


Man it was cool seeing Robin Williams at the airport when we were in San Fran on vacation. I really loved his comedy at the Met performance in the 80’s. I wonder why MTV doesn’t play music videos anymore? WTH? It’s MUSIC Television for crying out loud!Jersey Shore has nothing to do with music. Hmm, what kind of music would my character listen to? Alternative? Show Tunes? Garage punk bands? I don’t know anything about punk bands. Hey Babe? You know any punk bands? What about your friend? Does he know any? Can you get the names? Hey, that sounds like a good title for a book. I’ll have to tweak it a little. Wonder what the cats are getting into? Do I need to go to the grocery store?

Exactly. It’s exhausting sometimes. For those who know me, this is what happens sometimes when I get that spacey look during a conversation. It’s not that I find you boring, it’s just that my mind took one tiny, little nugget from our discussion and totally ran away with it. I sometimes wonder if I have a mild form of ADD. Nah, it’s just an overly active imagination which has gotten me in trouble a few times :/

How do you control the ramblings of your mind? Do you simply write down where it takes you? Or do you try to guide the train of thought before it completely derails your story?

Have a great weekend everyone!



8 thoughts on “A trip through my mind.

  1. MUSIC! My ultimate muse! I love punk, too. Usually think of Sex Pistles and Ramones, but they’re associated a little more with New York and the CBGB. California punk … hmm, I guess Surf Punk, Agent Orange & The Dead Kennedys for early punk. The Kennedys got too political later. Into the 90’s there was Social Disorder, Operation Ivy, and the ones that started getting more mainstream like Green Day, The Offspring, Blink … OH! And the Ska movement! Love me some Sublime & Reel Big Fish. How about some Riot Grrrl? Bikini Kill, L7, Dollyrots … Donna, where’s that garden path you were talking about? That’s another one! The Donnas!

  2. Ha ha ha, I am EXACTLY the same.

    I use to play the train of thought game with my daughter, to see how far we could get from one subject to another. She would always win, but I didn’t mind, I think she’s turned into an inquisitive, creative young woman 🙂

    I have What If’s? spinning round my head all the time and is probably why I don’t sleep very well. I’m always physically exhausted but still can’t stop my brain lol


  3. ROFL, yep, sounds about right. But what’s worse is when an entire scene flashes through your mind and you HAVE to write it down before it’s gone like a wisp of smoke. THEN people really look at you funny 😀

    1. I know! I did that at a restaurant one time. Family thought I’d lost my mind. I’ve also recorded a thought on my phone during the drive to work. The Muse is a fickle beast 😉

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