Goals Update – April

Because of the way the calendar falls, there will be back to back updates. One for my monthly goals, then the ROW80 weekly. Sorry guys.

On to the goals!

1) Lose 20% of my starting weight by the end of the year. I hate to admit that I sat and ran the numbers several times because I didn’t want to tell you all that I failed. But then I thought,You messed up, just admit it.So here it is. I gained back three pounds overall. I fell off the wagon and stopped counting my points. I feared this would happen, and it did. So Sunday started the new week and points are being counted. I dislike doing it, but it works and I just need to suck it up.

2) Read 100 Books. 27 read. I really thought I’d finished more than that last month. I read A Kiss in the Wind by Jennifer Bray-Weber.  I haven’t read a pirate book in over a decade but I really liked this one! I will be reading more of Jenn’s books in the future.

3) Schedule all blog posts. Did much better on this front the last month. There were a couple I ended up waiting until the last minute. That was my fault, I kept waiting for my pictures to be done and I procrastinated. The last two weeks though, posts were all written and scheduled the Sunday prior to publish date.

4) Finish editing When Love Waits. Getting there. It’s killing me though. I’m such a pantser, but with this edit/rewrite, I’ve tried to write up a very rough outline because there are certain previously written scenes I want to include. Of course, my characters have a mind of their own. The heroine just had an emotional meltdown I hadn’t anticipated so it changed what I initially intended for her and the hero to be doing at that point of the story. Hope they know what they’re doing.

5) Finish first draft of my 2011 NaNo novel. Funny story about this novel. I went to the local library to attend a genealogy research class. I want to research my family and I thought it might be a good tool for book research. They forgot to call and tell the class had been cancelled. Instead of leaving, I set up my laptop next to one of the big windows and wrote for an hour. Then I decided to check out the genealogy room. They’ve remodeled the library since the last time I was there and I wanted to see what they’d changed. What I found was about 4 shelves of books with deed records, marriage records, church records and more all for the area of Pennsylvania where this novel is set. Talk about motivation! Made me get hopping on finishing WLW.

6) Edit Renaissance Wench and re-query. Think the final decision is to scrape the story as is. I may decide to revisit it in the future, but I doubt it will be this year. Callie, Simon, we’ll meet again.

7) Keep up with housecleaning regularly. Can I say I hate cleaning the bathroom? On top of the regular stuff, one of my nail polish bottles broke. And my favorite fall color too 😦 . The rest of the house is pretty clean. Having to dust more often because of the insane winds we’ve had lately. Can someone explain why I have to dust more living by the coast than I did when I lived in the middle of a desert??

8) Exercise daily. Not so good. (See wind comment above) And apparently, I have bad spring allergies. Several nights I came home, made dinner and was asleep before 8pm. We get about 1 day of riding in a week because of the winds and then I’m so groggy and can’t breathe that other exercise is difficult. I took advantage of a jury summons. I walked up the stairs during every break and parked over two blocks away, so I did get a little in there to end the month on a high note. Going to do better next month.

9) Write 100 words a day. Had one day where I missed (see allergies above, bleh). The rest of the month has been pretty good. Almost at 28,000 words in the edit/rewrite and I had one blog post that was 1800 words! (Sorry). Last Sunday was a banner day because I wrote about 4000 words that day between posts and story.

Hope everyone else is keeping up with his or her goals. Remember, baby steps. If something doesn’t work, readjust.



7 thoughts on “Goals Update – April

    1. For now. I know, you like them. I do to. Maybe if they stew awhile, a better idea will come to me.

      I like that quote. May have to put that on my writing board.

  1. Can’t answer your dust question, LOL. I do live in the desert and if I don’t dust every day plus a vacuum dusting once a week I’m sneezing my fool head off. It’s about par with when I lived across the street from a gravel/bark dust place…joy.

    Good for you getting back on the healthy eating train. You have a fabulous goal and I know you’ll succeed.

    Awesome on the wordage!

  2. You done good! Hope your NaNoNovel turns out well. I’ve finished three times and each time I ended up with something I never wanted to see again. I learned that seat-of-the-pants noveling is not for me.

    1. Thanks John! The first NaNo novel I wrote was okay to start off with, but now I see the mistakes and don’t know if I want to bother with it. The second, not too bad. I’ve finished both years I participated. It’s definitely a rush and helped me shut up my internal editor and just write instead of doubting myself.

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