ROW80 Check in, Happy Hump Day!

Here we go! Another ROW80 check in.

1) Write 100 words a day – minimum. This went very well. Over 3000 for the week again. I ended up at the local library Saturday morning and got quite a bit accomplished. It may become a routine.

2) Retweet other writers’ posts on Twitter. Not as good as the prior week. I retweeted a few and tried to thank the people I saw retweet some of my stuff. I did follow a new person that I met in the iWrite chat Saturday. *waves* Hi Gussie!

3) Finish When Love Waits edit/rewrite by the end of the month. Almost hit 25,000. Thanks to the trip to the library.

4) Comment on blogs I’m subscribed to instead of just reading them in my email. I slacked off big time on this. I, ahem, mostly post at work and I wasn’t able to this past week.

5) Finish follow up novel to When Love Waits by the end of the round. Nada. Though its still on my mind.

6) Read more craft material. Ended up finishing an erotic romance I won at the conference last year. I’m trying to read a little bit of everything in the genre romance so I have a better understanding of what’s being offered. Count it as research! 🙂

Hope the other ROWers had a great week. Keep up the good work!



12 thoughts on “ROW80 Check in, Happy Hump Day!

  1. Commenting on blogs does take time, as you say but you do take the time to subscribe and read, which I think is important. Subscribers are important, too! Great job on your word count–3000 is terrific for a week–had to smile at your “research reading” and am sure you will “benefit” from it.

    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Karen! I keep telling myself that every time I try to talk myself out of commenting. It’s more of a wanting to get away from the computer than anything. After sitting in front of one at work all day, sometimes I just want to hide. I have weekends when the hubby’s working that I don’t turn any electronics on until it gets dark and I can’t really do anything else outside/inside with windows open.

  2. I started proofreading erotica last year so that I could use the experience for my own writing, which is more steamy romance, not erotica. I even read the occasional BDSM erotica for spice, even though that’s way outside my comfort zone!

    All in the name of research…

  3. Hi, Melanie! *waves back* You have a great blog! I’ve dropped the ball posting on my blog. I’ll put it on my list of things to accomplish this week. Writing in the library is a good idea. It’s quiet and there are plenty of characters–both real and fictional–to fuel your muse. I work part-time in a library. It’s fun to thumb through the pages while I’m shelving the books. Did you know that three erotica books are on the Top Ten Bestseller list right now? I wonder if that has ever happened before. I’m writing a YA historical novel. Lots of action–not much romance.

    1. Aw, thanks Gussie! I read somewhere a few weeks bag that erotic romance sales have increased either three or four times since the launch of e-readers. More people feel “comfortable” reading them because people can’t see the covers.

      Same with me. I love to go to the library and just pick up random books and flip through the pages. Good luck with the novel!

  4. I do like it when one can say reading is for research 🙂 not keen on erotica myself maybe my age but I think it’s because my imagination is quite fertile enough to fill in the gaps it is too much ‘tell’:)

    all the best for this weeks goals

    1. It’s a little much for me too most of the time. At least they have story lines. I think what really surprised me was the fact that the ones I read all ended with a permanent relationship. One even ended with a wedding. They started out really steamy, but ended on a sweet note. Thanks for stopping by Alberta.

    1. Now I didn’t say that. Those things are a little steamy even for me! Definitely not the subgenre I want to write either. Which is why I’m trying to read a little bit of everything. See where my writing falls. I feel bad now for Donna because she’s read one of my stories and they’re a little steamy for her. If Erotica is a 5, mine would be around a 3, maybe a little under that.

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