The pics are in!!!

I posted a teaser blog a while back. A friend of the hubby and me is a photographer. We knew her before she chose to pursue this profession. She did our family pictures a few years ago and I LOVED the way they turned out. So here’s a shout out to Tammie Albrecht of Albrecht Artistic Photography. You can find her Facebook page here.

I’m going to share the pics I chose for editing. What I want you to do is let me know what your favorites are 🙂  I’ve already put two up on the blog. Sorry, couldn’t wait. I want to use these for future press releases, pics here on the blog, business cards,  and pics on the inside/back covers of my books (squee!!!!). I know, I might be jumping the gun a little, but I want to have decent (fantastic) pictures ready should anyone ask for them.

Here we go!!

Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m excited they’re in finally!! That shoot was so much fun. Thanks Tammie for a great visit and a fun photo shoot.

Happy Friday the 13th!! It’s always been a good day for me. hope it is for you too.



5 thoughts on “The pics are in!!!

  1. Well, you know I’m all about the tartan but I think for your author pic I’d go with one of the gazebo pictures. You’re facing the camera and wearing a lovely smile in all of those. I also think any of those would also reduce down for avatars to be consistent.

    I love the book pictures too. But I think that type of picture will mean more when said books are yours 🙂 Not to say you couldn’t use them here on the blog.

    I don’t envy you the decision! Fabulous pictures Mel.

    1. That’s what I was thinking too. You’re the only one to agree with me on that 🙂 The book pics were for the blog. Going to work up a few different headers and liked Tammie’s idea on that. Thanks Raelyn!

  2. Okay, I liked 4 until I saw 3. I love you in the fuzzy background with the colorful books in the front. As for your author photos, I love 9 and 10. Besides your gorgeous smile, I love the light background and silvery post things contrasted with the black.

    1. I liked the books too. People either love that one or hate it. The reactions have been funny. 9 and 10 were taken at the local cemetery. Tammie saw the fence as we drove to the house and asked me in between photos what I thought about it. I happen to like (older) cemeteries and said let’s try it out! It was actually the Jewish portion of the cemetery, which I didn’t know it had. Very cool. The consensus seems to be #9 for my author pic.

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