Social Media…plug me in!

Social Media

Ah Social Media. Did the term even exist a decade ago? I don’t remember hearing it until a few years ago. Then again, I admit to being a little behind the curve when it comes to current technology. It took me a week of reading and tweaking and playing to figure out what the heck the blog terminology meant and how to use the components.

Just in the last year I’ve learned about blogging, then Twitter, the new timeline on Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, various chat rooms, and forums. Then there’s the whole world of self publishing I’ve been researching. I think I’ve learned more in the last year than I did the previous 5 years before that. That’s saying a lot considering in those previous 5 years I finished a bachelors and a masters degree.

I’ve plugged into multiple items listed above. Twitter is one I’m currently having difficulty keeping up with. Facebook isn’t too bad and I can see how it can be a tool, as with the others. But when does it become too much? I know when I limit myself to checking Twitter once a week, there is so much to slog through I get to the point of not enjoying the experience.

I’ve talked to some who have seemed to master the social media aspect of writing. And I wonder how they do it? So many things change so fast, what happens if they miss a day? I wonder how they have time to write or spend time with their families. Sometimes I feel like I’m missing some vital multitasking gene. I almost miss the, dare I say, old days when we had a little time to process the information learned before the next piece was thrown at us?

What I do know is that no matter how many forms of social media I join, I have to devote the necessary amount of time to it in order to make it worth the effort. And I believe that would be the case for anyone. Join only what you feel will either be the most beneficial or something you don’t mind spending time on as a strictly pleasurable experience.

With regards to social media, I think for now I’ve hit my threshold. I have to finish the manuscript I am  editing/rewriting. Then finish the accompanying novel. Then finish my 2011 NaNo novel and then start on the other ideas waiting in my idea notebook.

If you dare try to find me, I am on Twitter, Facebook  and of course here on   Don’t give up on me too soon 🙂 I’ll respond, but it may not be immediately. There’s a good chance I’m either outside or sitting on the couch with a good book and absolutely NO electronics on whatsoever. Sorry, there’s still too much of the pre-information age in me to quite make the full transition! LOL

How do juggle your social media obligations?


4 thoughts on “Social Media…plug me in!

  1. LOL, love how you did this post Melanie! And I hear you. That Man just got a Droid phone for work and I’m sitting here with my little it makes calls, receives texts, and can take pictures phone and I breathe a sigh of relief I’m not more connected!

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