Family – who do you think they are?

Here it is again; Thursday finds me with no blog topic pre-written for Friday. Truthfully, I had a topic in mind which included a link and pics and everything. But, things are delayed on their end and I have no topic.

Being desperate for a topic, I go to the web and plug “blog topics” into the search engine. Desperate times, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I end up on Heidi Cohen’s blog about 125 Free Blog Topics. I read through the list trying to figure out what would sound good.  Slowly through these scheduled posts (cough, cough) I’ve developed a rough schedule. Fridays have turned into my somewhat random post days.

Here’s the topic that stopped my scrolling mouse. Why family matters. Think beyond the traditional notion of family.” Funny timing. Wednesday night I watched two episodes of “Who Do You Think You Are.”I love this show but for some reason I can never catch it when it’s actually on. If you’ve never heard of it, the show researches the genealogy of celebrities. Thank you Hulu! I watched two episodes. Reba McEntire and Jerome Bettis. Both were fascinating to me. I won’t spoil the findings for you, if there are some who want to discover what they are.  I love tracing genealogy but haven’t been able to get to far on my own.

I grew up in one of those families who weren’t very close. And on top of that, we’re a small family. I have exactly ONE cousin who is blood related. The rest could be considered step cousins because we’re only related by marriage. Okay, that statement isn’t quite true, but that’s a completely different blog post! lol

Families are rarely what we think they are when we take off the blinders of childhood. We find that aunts and uncles we thought were close were only related by marriage or simply a close family friend. I am the proud honorary aunt of two nieces and four nephews (soon to be five 😀 ). One niece is getting to the age where she’s realized that her Auntie Mel really isn’t her Mommy’s sister. I just got one side of the conversation but essentially mom told her yes, she’s your aunt even though we’re not related.

Families are what we make them. Those fortunate enough to have tolerable families or like to spend time together can build a bond and memories like no other. But for those less fortunate or those separated by miles or other more nefarious means tend to make their own families. Sometimes it’s our friends from high school or college or friends we’ve made through shared experiences.

Families are what we make them. I know I’ve said that already but it bears repeating. Our society is having a difficult time coming to terms with the “modern family” which, I would hazard to guess, rarely looks like the idealized version of a mom and dad with 2.5 children and a dog in some sweet patch of suburbia. For those who have it, good on you! Enjoy. For those who don’t, I think it’s unfair for the rest of us to degrade what someone else calls family.We each need a support system regardless of blood relation.

DNA is not the only factor determining what we become.  Remember the days when best friends would cut themselves not as a sign of depression, but as a sign of forging a bond with the person they felt should have been blood related and that was their means of taking care of it? (I just saw a bunch of people cringe just now at that thought)

I guess the timing of this post is fortuitous, with Easter just around the corner. We tend to pull our families, whatever that term may construe, closer around a holiday, especially a religious one.

Who does your family consist of?

Those celebrating Easter and Passover, have a Hoppy Holiday.



3 thoughts on “Family – who do you think they are?

  1. Yes, family is what you make it. The grandparents who were the closest to us were my late husbands parents, and they weren’t even genetically connected with four of our six children. But the kids would never have known that by the way these wonderful people treated them. And now, with his wife and both of their children dead, my father-in-law has made me the executor of his will.

    One thing I love is how close my three younger sons are to each other. It’s the middle son who keeps them doing things together. His brothers are his best friends.

    1. I never had that. My brother died when he was five, so I had so few years with him. My best friend is like a sister. People in HS thought we were because though our physical builds were different, our hair and eye colors were the same and it didn’t take long to develop the natural wordless dialogue siblings have.

      It’s nice when someone considers you important enough to consider family even if you’re not. 🙂

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