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First – I want to give a HUGE shout out of Congratulations for all of the 2012 Golden Heart and Rita Finalists.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Now, on to the post!

I have been invited to participate in three fantastic blog activities. All happen during April and all are things I would LOVE to participate in. They all sound like fantastic opportunities to connect to other writers out there in the blogosphere. Here are the activities:

A Round of Words In 80 days. I’ve watched as Raelyn Barclay has participated in this and ROW80 seems like a good way to keep track of your goals and to be accountable for reaching them.

Book in A Month. Mentioned by my friend J.D. Faver.  This is a challenge similar to NaNo but where the writing doesn’t have to be a new novel. It can be editing, finishing a novel or writing blog posts. Only problem is, it’s an invitation only event where again, you check in and are held accountable.

Then there’s the A-Z challenge. I’ve seen this on several blogs including my writing/critique buddy Donna Weaver. It is a challenge and one that I would probably excel at. It requires 26 posts during the month of April.

Here’s my problem. Since January, I’ve added items to my nine goals for the year. Some work out, some don’t. I thank all these wonderful ladies for thinking about me when they talk about these challenges. Right now, I’m still trying to find the balance of my goals.  I tried to do the 4th Platform Building Challenge put together by Rachael Harrie and was an abject failure. I apologize to all in the romance group. I never seemed to get around to their blogs enough and I bombed (read-didn’t even attempt) the second challenge.

And here’s why. I want to do too much. I love these opportunities to meet other writers, but I don’t want to do blog hops and check ins and workshops so much that I have no time to write. I have a goal of getting a manuscript published this year. Whether it be by traditional means or self-publishing. And I’m way too easily distracted as it is. Having a full time job already puts a dent in the energy needed to write as much as I would love to. Then there are the daily grind items. And spring fever which hit with a vengeance this week. So sitting at my computer to work has been a challenge in itself.

Somehow I’ve managed to get my blog posts done, but they’ve been the night before. This is the first one I’ve done in advance in probably two weeks. Which is why I’ll have to pass on the A-Z challenge. I’m having difficulty writing 9-10 posts a month let alone 26! I’ve let too many things get in the way of writing. So my goal for this week (see a short term goal! whew :/) is to really get into writing and write at least another 10K words this week. Heck, that’s less than the word count during a week of NaNo!

I encourage you to check out these ladies fantastic blogs and hop onto one of challenges.


P.S. I’ll let you know next Tuesday if I met my 10K word goal for the week.


6 thoughts on “Blog connectivity

  1. See, that’s why I love ROW80 Mel. Your goals can be anything as long as they are measurable. Yes, there are check in posts (I just do it once a week so not to overwhelm myself) and you’re encouraged to get around to other ROWers to offer support of their goals. My check in post only takes at most 15 minutes to write and format, if I’m adding a mash-up to it maybe 1/2 an hour. My visiting of other ROWers falls under my normal daily commenting goal, if I can do more it’s gravy. Trust me, it lives up to its tag line “the writing challenge that knows you have a life.” LOL

    Thanks for the shout out my friend.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m still deciding. I may just wait and do round three. Plus, our vacation falls during Round 2 and I would be completely out of the loop for over a week. Argh!! So many choices!

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