Tangent feelings.

The pages crinkle as I open the worn pages between the battered leather covers. The smell of decaying parchment fills my nostrils as I start reading the first chapter. My fingers ache to caress the pages the way they would my lover. My mind is ready to be transported and cradled by the words beckoning to me. The feel of those brittle pages between my fingers makes my heart flutter. I can’t wait to be consumed by the story that awaits.

Sometimes this is how I feel when I pick up a physical book. I love old books. I love the smell of those decaying pages. I know it’s a chemical reaction caused by the ink, paper and environment but I don’t care. My dream, if I ever own a house, is to have a LIBRARY. I’m talking, floor to ceiling built in bookcases you need a ladder for in order to reach the volumes on the top shelves. Minimal windows and those big cushy, humongous armed leather chairs that swallow you whole when you sit in them to read. A stand alone desk in the middle of the room. Maybe a writing area hidden in a corner somewhere next to one of the few windows. This is my dream. Someday.

What got me thinking about this is two separate incidents this weekend. I visited a local bookstore on Saturday. I’d turned in some books (they have a buy/sell/trade program) and decided to pick up a few new ones. The atmosphere is great. Wooden shelves line the back and side of the store. Enough room to maneuver comfortably but once in them, you forget where you are.

Then while sprinting this weekend, a writer friend shared a New York Times story about how the brain reacts to reading fiction. You can read it here. It got me thinking. So many people prefer e-readers because of the ease of use and transportability. I use them on occasion.  I’ll read books on my phone or sometimes on my computer. But there are times when absolutely nothing can replace the feel of a book in my hands.

So, why the use of tangent? Well, here’s dictionary.com‘s first definition of the word. “in immediate physical contact; touching”. Also, there are times when I read that it does send me off on a tangent. I’ll look up references which sends me to another reference and I may end up reading something I may never have picked up initially. It’s a fun journey to experience.

This is what I hope to create for my readers. I want to transport them and give them the same feeling I experience whenever I pick up a book.

So, what are your tangent feelings when you read?


7 thoughts on “Tangent feelings.

  1. Thanks Raelyn! Example of transportation. Right now at night, I’m transported to the Hasidic neighborhood of New York. Currently reading “The Gift of Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok. Had to read another of his books for school and really liked his writing style. This is the fourth of Potok’s books I’ve read. I go back to the romance during the day (that’s what’s downloaded on my Kindle app!).

    Found this website this morning. Sweetness! Love the ideas photographed here.

  2. I love my physical books and, as much as I love my e-readers, doubt I’ll ever completely give up on them 🙂

    With fiction, I think we all read to be transported into another person’s shoes for awhile. To be removed from our mundane lives, travel to different worlds, be able to do things we wouldn’t dream of trying in real life.

    Great post Mel and I hope you get that library one day!

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