Self Induced Stress

Ah stress. The lovely thing that affects our appetite, makes our hair fall out and occasionally makes others think we are the demon beast from hell come to rip off the heads of anyone in our path. The latter hasn’t really been me this last week, though it has in the past. Remember one of my goals was to schedule blog posts in advance? Yeah, well that was a bust this week. They’re supposed to be scheduled a week ahead of time. The last three were written the night before only after I went oh crap! I don’t have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow!!

I don’t know what happened, but I completely fell off the radar with the 4th Platform Building Challenge. I apologize to those in my romance group. I should not have joined for this challenge. I keep thinking I have enough time to do all these things. And I simply don’t. Writing and networking are important, but I need to focus on getting a healthy exercise schedule worked into my routine. Unfortunately that means not participating in some of these things or reading as many blogs as I would like.

Today, my goal was to write both remaining posts for the week. One down and one to go. One the up side, I got a few personal errands taken care of, wrote quite a few words and chatted online with a few fellow writers. But I still feel a little stressed. Ever since the Winter Writing Festival ended, I’ve fallen back into the winter slump and it’s been difficult to find the motivation to write. I’ve been able to get my 100 words a day, but it’s been at the end of the day and I stop not long after 100. Maybe now that the time change is here, I’ll be able to stay motivated. Hubby and I won’t feel stressed to exercise directly after work because we’ll have more daylight.

One of my goals for the blog is to eventually add links of places where I’ve found information and help in regards to writing. I’m still compiling them so it hasn’t happened quite yet. Another goal to add to the list of things to do in the future.

Tell me, how do you deal with stress when things don’t go quite as planned?


6 thoughts on “Self Induced Stress

  1. I hear you!

    I’m in the process of weeding out my Google Reader. I can’t do justice to the number currently in there. Matter of fact, there’s probably a blog post in there somewhere 🙂

    Next up will be Twitter. (Facebook is probably okay once I make sure everyone is in a list.)

    What’s your early morning like? I get up at 5 to do Dark & Early writing (which works well with new words but not so well with revisions/edits). Actually, you know what, I’ll just drop you an email. All the best my friend.

    1. Twitter does overwhelm sometimes. I go through spurts with posting on there. People are now “pushing” Pinterest. I’m abstaining until I really see the need for it.

      I responded to your email. I’m trying to get into a schedule that allows time to write but stays flexible at the same time. Impossible? Probably not, just need to figure it all out.

      Thanks Raelyn!

      1. I’ve been avoiding Pinterest for the time suck aspect but recently there’s been stuff about lawsuits and copyright issues.

        I’m trying to be better on both Twitter and Facebook but it’s still hit and miss, LOL

        I’ll see you D&E!

    1. I was wondering how you were keeping up with everything. I haven’t even been on the Farland group for quite some time. Feel bad because Dave took the time to make the romance niche for us, but there’s so little involvement. It’s a juggling act, that’s for sure. Just have to prioritize.

      P.S. I can’t wait for ACoP to come out!

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