Friday (semi) Failure

Here it is, nine o’clock Thursday night trying to figure out what to post. I have a busy (for me) day tomorrow. I failed to get the blog post done in advance because I spent last weekend recovering from a very nasty head cold.

I still have no idea what to post, yet here I sit typing. On my phone. Nope, haven’t even turned on the computer at home today. I did write my hundred words also…on my phone. Last year I downloaded a free document writer so if I went somewhere and didn’t have paper, I could still work on my NaNo project. Dedicated, right? lol

As I sit trying to figure out what to write, my subconscious went to The Artist’s Way workbook and daily pages. Just write, every day, anything, any quality but just write. And I’ve made sure to do that. I haven’t kept up with the morning pages, but I write.

I have a few things going tomorrow that I will tell you all, when I’m allowed. Which should be in a few weeks. Also, next week I’m having professional pictures taken for my blog, (near future!!) author bio pics and some fun ones. I may post some of the proofs when I get them and have you all help me choose 🙂

So for now, this is my offering and I apologize for the lack of preparation. Sunday’s Happy Holidays post will be better, I promise!!

This is what my writing desk has been reduced to…kitteh central. Only way to keep them off my keyboard!


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