February Goals update

1) Lose 20% of my starting weight by the end of the year. 4.1% gone. Not too bad. I admit, I’ve slipped a little and intend to get back on the wagon. I let going out get in the way of sticking to my diet. Bad writer, bad writer!

2) Read 100 Books. 16 down. I have to admit, I’ve been bouncing back and forth between books. I need to focus on one and finish it.

3) Schedule all blog posts. This has worked fantastically! This pantser is loving the scheduled blog thing. I write them Sunday morning unless something crops up, like the Fourth Platform Challenge. Also, looks like my Hello Holiday post is becoming popular, not to mention I’m really having fun writing it. I may not have an extensive following, but that isn’t as important to me anymore. I realized it’s all part of the writing habit and maybe I can help motivate someone else.

4) Finish editing When Love Waits. Finished. Now going back and rewriting chunks of it to add the missing conflict and hooks. Still plan to query this one again. If the queries don’t plan out, will self-publish. Had an author critique the first two chapters. Between her comments and the grilling of a fellow writer/friend really helped me see where I could make the novel stronger. Working on that now.

5) Finish first draft of my 2011 NaNo novel. Still haven’t worked on this, but I did have an idea of what to add toward the end of the story. So it hasn’t completely been forgotten.

6) Edit Renaissance Wench and re-query. The more I think about it, the more this story feels flat. I like the premise, but it lacks conflict. Hmm.  It just feels so wrong sometimes to constantly torture my characters! I’ll go back at some point and tweak the story. I know where conflict can be added, which will make the whole process a little easier.

7) Keep up with housecleaning regularly. Doing better. Plus the four-leggeds help keep me honest. If I don’t pick things up, they tend to play with it or try to eat it. It still drives me crazy that I have to dust more often in a place covered with grass than I ever did living in the middle of a freaking desert!

8) Exercise daily. Been riding bicycles on the good weather days. Considering the slump I hit with the weight loss, I’ll have to add something to the non-bike riding days. Ended the month with a bang! Rode a little over 7 miles, a good chunk of it between 10 and 12 mph. May not seem fast, but once you get booking? Makes those sharp curves a little tricky.

9) Write 100 words a day. Only had one day where I didn’t write. The 29th was day 60 and I’m still amazed at how writing just 100 words a day has amped up my productivity. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a serious writer with the intent of publishing. It makes a world of difference. The Winter Writing Festival sponsored by the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood really helped with this. The sprints were fantastic. Wednesday was the last day and I’m really sad the Festival is over. But I met a ton of fantastic writers who encouraged and helped and made writing everyday so much fun. You know I had a good time if not even the Superbowl could get me completely out of the sprints. 🙂

Next month, kick exercising into gear more and read. The writing is coming a little easier for the most part. Thanks to my cheerleaders out there who’ve been motivating me to do more.



6 thoughts on “February Goals update

    1. Now that’s a thought! Once I get this rewrite done, I’ll look into that. I just didn’t want to fall into the trap of writing a suspense based in New Orleans. It’s kind of expected.

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