1st Platform Challenge story

Guess what? It is time for the first writing assignment in the 4th Platform Building Challenge . The challenge is to write a Flash Fiction story starting with the words Shadows crept across the wall. Extra challenges include writing exactly 200 words, using the word orange, writing in your normal genre and ending with the words everything faded.

Here is my effort. If you like the story, go to the following link and vote for my story. I’m #78 on the list. If not, please stop by Rach’s site and check out the other talented writers.

Shadows crept across the wall. Outside the ocean ebbed and waved as the sunset bathed the crested tops. Fuchsia, reds, and varying shades of orange danced on the aquamarine surface.

Her sun-kissed skin cooled as the glowing orb made its final decent below the horizon. She’d waited on the sand until the chill forced her back into the beach house. The bag containing her towel and their picnic lunch still sat on the floor.

Pissed didn’t begin to describe how she felt. He’d stood her up again. The fourth reschedule of their second date. The strawberries now sat in a pool of melted whipped cream. She’d fantasized about using the fruit as something other than dessert.

Normally, she didn’t drink. Or get stood up four times in a row. She thought he was the one. Even though he kept missing their second date, she still felt he was the one. Mixing the liquids together, she sat down gently swirling the contents as she watched the stars blink into view.

She set the drink on the floor and walked to the window. Obviously, after a cancelled fourth date he definitely was not the one. As the light dimmed, everything faded.

Thanks for stopping by the blog and enjoy the other stories! 🙂



35 thoughts on “1st Platform Challenge story

  1. Oh, poor girl! She should’ve given him the cold shoulder after the fist missed date. Make him come begging. She’s better off and deserves much better!

    Good job! I’m entry #96. Stop on by sometime!

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