Week of Randomness

This past week presented plenty of writing challenges. I am sad to say, I had a day with zero words, but thankfully only one. The up and down weather in Texas forced my allergies into roller coaster mode. One day nothing, the next day BAM, I’m knocked out on the couch sleeping because I can’t breathe or see because my nose is stopped up and my eyes are running.

Thank goodness for the Winter Writing Festival. Knowing those ladies are waiting out there with encouragement and sometimes hilarious conversation helped drag my  butt to the computer on more than one occasion.

I signed up for the 4th Platform Building Challenge.

4th Campaign challenge

You can check out the details here. Can’t wait to make the rounds and check out everyone’s blogs. There are only two challenges this time around, but I’m sure they’ll be just as interesting as last time.

I have a lamp next to my side of the bed made by me. I took a ceramic candle holder, drilled a hole and added the lamp guts to it. I was really proud of my efforts. Well…since we’ve added the four-legged fur balls to the house, the lamp has taken a beating. The shade was just at the right level for them to rub on. So the shade sat perpetually at an angle and got knocked down a few times. Last Saturday, they killed it for good. The socket that holds the light bulb broke and I glued it in there so well that I couldn’t get it out to replace it. Then I thought, they’ll just keep doing it. I went in search of relatively cat proof lamps. This is what I came up with. Murphy just looks at them wondering what happened to his rubbing post.

Week six was a bad week for the diet. It paled in comparison to even week two. Hunger gnawed at me all day long no matter what I ate. Fruit, vegetables, chocolate, ice cream, meat, whatever. I didn’t matter, I was hungry. Yet somehow at the end of the week when it came time to weigh in, I’d lost 1.4 pounds. Don’t know how but I’ll take it! Just have to stick with it and push through. I really didn’t think I’d have a loss. We’ve only been able to ride one day due to weather and a flat tire on the hubby’s bike.

This year, the perseverance thing is testing me. Thankfully, the last six years have been building me up for this point. I’m still working on my resolutions (which by this point of the year would have been pitched out the window). And I don’t want to give up. I think my readers help me too. You guys help keep me accountable and feel like I would let you down too if I don’t succeed. So thank you!

And last but not least. Special Olympics Texas met their goal of 3010 scarves needed statewide for coaches, volunteers and athletes. Thanks to all the people who crocheted or knitted for the cause. Volunteers are always welcome. For a list of events, check out the Special Olympics Texas website or the Special Olympics home page for activities around the nation and world.

There is a recap of my week of randomness. The lesson learned? Perseverance. There will be bumps in the road to my goals. If I let off the gas, I won’t make it over. Sometimes you just have to hammer it! May take a few tries to get over depending on the size of the bump, but never let off the gas.

Have a great weekend readers!



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