Update on 2012 goals – Month 1

I decided to update you all on these once a month. Helps keep me accountable and I’ve got some fantastic cheerleaders in my readers! Plus I hope it might motivate someone else at the same time. My goals stare at me from above my writing desk along with a few motivational quotes and quirky things to make me laugh. The barely visible Snoopy comic is him having his manuscript thrown back at him by the mailbox. It’s tacked on the cork board at eye level and I see it every day I sit to write.


1) Lose 20% of my starting weight by the end of the year. 3.51% gone! This has been a tough one. Stopping to think and measure and calculate before simply shoving food into the old pie hole. It looks better when you do the math. Almost 1/5 of my goal down with 11/12 of the year still remaining. Numbers look good when you put it that way! 😉

2) Read 100 Books. 10 read and three more started. Yes, I’m a multiple book reader. This one hasn’t been as difficult as I first thought it would be. But then, I’ve always devoured books. 🙂

3) Schedule all blog posts. Surprisingly, this has gone rather well! All of my posts for the month of January have been scheduled. And it has helped my writing because I don’t sit and worry about getting a post up and running because it’s already written and waiting for it’s day to shine. I even have a few scheduled for February too. Woo Hoo!

4) Finish editing When Love Waits. Finished a major run through two weeks ago. I really thought I wouldn’t get done with this until like February at the absolute earliest. I got talked into participating in the Winter Writing Festival sponsored by the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood and the edits went by in a flash with help of the sprints. Today is Day 24 of a 50 day challenge. I transferred my goals of scheduling posts and writing 100 words a day as my challenge goals.

5) Finish first draft of my 2011 NaNo novel. On the back burner for the moment. These edits have got me harnessed, but I will finish that draft.

6) Edit Renaissance Wench and re-query. Still trying to decide if this is going to be about 55,000 words or if I want to try and stretch it to 90,000. It’s currently at 75,000 and apparently in between publishing venues at that length.

7) Keep up with housecleaning regularly. This has gone better. I’ve Murphy’s oil soaped the wooden surfaces, reorganized the closets, cleaned under, beneath and inside the fridge and stove, bathroom from top to bottom and totally reorganized and cleaned the storage unit. Let the maintenance phase begin. Though I’ve realized it’s not a phase, its a stinkin’ reality. :/

8) Exercise daily. Bombed pretty much completely. It’s been hit and miss and no set schedule at all. Need to do something soon in order to survive vacation. Although, the hubby and I purchased bicycles a week ago. We try to ride every day he’s home, weather permitting. I’ve never owned a mountain bike, just a ten-speed. It’s fun!

9) Write 100 words a day. Only had 1 day where I didn’t reach 100, though I did get words on the page. Average per day has been 556 per day and it’s made a definite difference in writing. It’s been easier to sit down and get back into it. there’s no trying to remember where I was because it’s still pretty fresh on my mind.

So…how have your resolutions, er, I mean goals, gone? 🙂



4 thoughts on “Update on 2012 goals – Month 1

  1. Way to go Melanie! You’re doing great. I hear you on the exercise…one of my goals and I’m failing epically at it so far. I’m moving to the next stage of my rewrite…revisions, gasp. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    1. That’s what I’m working on now. Luckily I was introduced to a fantastic new critique partner and she’s been fantastic for getting me to take a fresh look at the manuscript.

      You can do the exercise! Enjoy the days now before triple digit temps drive you inside!

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