I thought this was about writing…

Howdy readers!!

As I work on scheduling blog posts in advance, I took a look at some of the past posts. I have definitely put out there an eclectic mix of subjects.  I’m still learning about the craft of writing and to an extent am not quite comfortable giving advice on how to write or how to edit as I still am not sure myself sometimes.

During my musings, I remembered a quote I’ve seen in various forms that has popped up on Twitter and Facebook. The essence being, how can you write if you’ve never lived? And that’s kind of what my blog is about. It’s about my life and about writing and about random things that pop into my mind. Which can be scary sometimes. There are days I think I could give Stephen King a run for his money!

What I’ve experienced in life greatly affects what and how I write. I have lived through quite a few things that could have broken a less strong person. But it’s what makes me, me. It flows through me as I write and yes, I have gotten a few of those memories out on the pages of my books. Because no matter how funny or devastating something was to me, there’s a pretty damn good chance that it, or something very similar, has happened to someone else.  If that someone else is able to connect with and realize they’re not alone, then that’s all I ask for.

Once I get more comfortable with my craft, then I will probably start sharing my experiences on here with you all. i have a few things that may come up in the new future that I will definitely share. And if I can help someone else in the process, even better.

One thing I will share.  Since I’ve started trying to network and reach out to other writers, I have found a tremendous support group. So many of the people I’ve talked to are willing to help, direct you to a book or another blogger where they found useful information or they are willing to be a cheerleader for you. And sometimes, as a writer, we really need those people around. They know the struggles that we face from creating the concept of our novel, to actually finding the time to write it and then into the editing process and whether or not you’re going to publish.  Then from there, HOW are you going to publish.

Cheerleaders are very much welcome here on Feather Pens, Tartan Dreams. And if you’re ever in need of one, let me know.  Now that football season is over (at least for my team 😦 ), I am fully available to cheer and shake a few pompoms if needed.

For an example of support, I signed up for the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival. You sign up and proclaim your personal goals. They can be write so many words, edit so many pages, write future blog posts or whatever it is that person needs to accomplish. After prodding from my Texas writing angels J.D. Faver and Patti Macdonald, I decided to go ahead and do it.  I made so many resolutions for myself this year, that I just might need a little help making sure I reach them.

If you’re interested, I believe you can still jump in.  It is a 50 day challenge that started last Wednesday on the 11th and runs through the end of February. Check in’s are every Wednesday on the Brag Blog. Here’s the link for the main site. Click on the blue Winter Writing Festival badge and sign up!

As for life, I intend to keep on living it and finding more grand adventures to add not only to my vacation scrapbooks, but to my memories. We’ve started planning this years trip and I can not wait!! It’s going to be so exciting and I will definitely post pictures once we’re back to the world of technology. That’s right, we’ll be in a place that I’m pretty sure doesn’t have any electricity. Don’t worry, I’ll have my notebook and pen handy so I can still write my 100 words a day and write down my observations from the trip.  Who knows, It just might show up in a novel one day!

What life experiences, vacations, events have you written into your stories? Can’t wait to see what you used. 🙂



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