Crochet (or knit) for a cause

At the end of 2010, an acquaintance sent me a link for a crochet project. She is a stay at home mom who crochets items to donate to military families, the local churches and as for gifts to her family. She sent me a link to the Special Olympics website. There are games every year in different states. The scarves that are either crocheted or knitted are donated to the athletes and coaches as a symbol of unity.

What I thought was really cool about it was the fact that no one pattern was the “uniform”. Any pattern was accepted as long as it was the two approved colors for that years’ games. I thought it was a fitting display because not all of these athletes face the same challenges or have the same abilities, but yet they are all united for the same purpose. Many, many moons ago when I was in high school, a friend asked me to come out and volunteer to help train some of the local athletes. It was just like watching any other child/teenager. Each had their own ability, their own learning methods and their own unique personalities. I tell you, some of those kids were beyond serious and concentrated so hard on accomplishing their goal that I felt like a total slacker standing there “training” them.

After looking up the guidelines and making sure I could get the colors at our local stores, I decided to go ahead and crochet a few scarves. It was during the winter break from college and after my very first NaNo experience, I needed something not computer/writing related to go to.

SO'11 scarf
I made two of the same pattern.
This years scarves

I had taken them to work to crochet during lunch. Ye Olde Friend of a Friend asked if I’d teach her how to crochet. So, we sat in her office over a couple lunches and she picked it up very fast and got her mother involved also. This year, she was ahead of the game and got her daughter’s 4-H group involved also for their Clothing and Textiles project in the Leadership and Community Service Division.

18 Scarves made for the 2012 games

Thanks to everyone who got involved with the project this year.  Not all state deadlines have been met.  If you’re interested in participating or know someone who knits or crochets and needs an outlet for their talent, pass along the information.

Simply go to the Stitcher Resources tab in the menu bar, click on Project Guidelines, then scroll down to either find your state or pick a state to donate to. Click the state name to find the shipping requirements and receiving address.

I should have put this out there earlier, but I slacked off myself this year and finished my two scarves at the eleventh hour. NEXT YEAR, I will do my best to get more done and send them to the athletes. If you’re unable to crochet or knit but would love to help, there are other ways to donate. You can find the link is on the bottom of the Special Olympics Scarf Project 2012 page.

Good luck athletes!


6 thoughts on “Crochet (or knit) for a cause

  1. This is a great cause. I used to do something similar with blankets and infant hats. Need block some time and get back into it.

    I hear you on the undiagnosed carpal tunnel. Have to take breaks and do wrist exercises 🙂 That’s interesting the crocheting seems to help, I’ll have to test the idea.

  2. What an awesome project for a wonderful cause. Go, you! I used to do a lot of needlework, including crochet when I had a long commute. I can’t do much anymore because I have wrist issues. Ugh

    1. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’m pretty sure I have carpal tunnel. Surprisingly, when I crochet, it hurts to begin with but then my wrists feel better for days after. I don’t wake up with numb hands as often. I’ve got a cross stitch I need to finish but I’d rather write 🙂

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